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How to reduce the symptoms of knee arthritis the natural way

Updated on March 26, 2013

Knee arthritis explained

Knee arthritis is an osteoarthritic condition affecting the articular cartilage of the knee. The knee joint is lined with synovial tissue producing synovial fluid to nourish and lubricate the cartilage. Repeated stress, injuries or even genetic predisposition can ignite the onset of knee arthritis. Components that make up the supporting structures become depleted and cartilage starts to degenerate. At the later stages of osteoarthritis the bones start to remodel and thicken itself. The joint loses flexibility and may be even accompanied by painful inflammation.

A person who suffers from knee arthritis will automatically try to protect the affected joint by putting more pressure on the opposite leg. The affected side's upper leg muscles will usually feel tighter. Do a test stretch to compare sides. Stretch the affected hamstring muscle for at least 60 seconds. While this won't reduce the swelling or increase mobility it will certainly take additional pressure off the knee.

Reduce swelling - increase flexibility

Naturopathic doctors most often tell you to consider adjusting your diet to a more ph-friendly way of eating, adding additional cartilage-building supplements. Following those guidelines can certainly not harm your body and will have a positive effect on the health of your knee but most often those effects are so small that they are hardly noticed by the patient.

But when it comes to alternative healing options nature has given us a plant with tremendous healing powers especially when it comes to the health of our joints. Scientific research done with pure aloe vera juice isolated a compound known as Acemannan. Acemannan is a long-chained sugar molecule produced by the body until the end of puberty. Then its production is stopped. Why? Probably because we have completed the growing process.

Acemannan was found to assist the body in numerous ways. Acemannan has the ability to slowly repair damaged cartilage by building up healthy synovial fluid. Together with hundreds of other nutritious compounds found in pure aloe vera juice, it clears the body of toxins and build-up and slowly restores flexibility to joints.

A diet rich in ph-friendly foods and a daily serving of pure aloe vera juice should be included in your daily regimen if you are serious about reducing the symptoms of knee arthritis. Many sufferers have used this method and are able to participate in daily activities and some sports again.

Pure aloe vera juice is not a medicine but a plant providing us with nutritional support and amazing healing powers. Your daily intake should consist between 4 to 8 ounces.

Aloe Vera Research

This article how to reduce the symptoms of knee arthritis without chemicals was inspired by my husband, a knee arthritis sufferer, one of my personal arthritis research patients who had opted for knee replacement surgery. Because of pure aloe vera juice he had eliminated all inflammation, eliminated all pain and increased his flexibility. The knee isn't that of a young man because even aloe vera can't produce such miracles. But he can enjoy life again, participating in his favorite activities without using pain medications. Best thing of all he won't have to go in for knee replacement surgery.

The study of acemannan in correlation with knee arthritis is still young. More than just a few people have experienced positive effects and have therefore been able to improve the quality of their life. Unfortunately, there are no official medical research studies that can back up what I am writing here, at least not yet.

Because I am a natural healer and helping people is my priority I conduct my own personal research with clients of mine, friends and even some family. I have put together a small aloe vera research page that contains medical research studies and findings. It also has a detailed report of my own research study done with a person suffering of osteoarthritis who had opted for knee replacement surgery before trying Aloe Vera Juice. You can read up on the different subjects of aloe vera research here, from allergies all the way to HIV.


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    • Stephen Ulibarri profile image

      Stephen Seth Ulibarri 5 years ago from Albuquerque

      Very informative! Thank you, I will inform my wife about this. She suffers from knee arthritis.