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How to sleep during pregnancy

Updated on May 29, 2013

Pregnancy also brings sleeping disturbances and bad sleeping habits before pregnancy make this problem inferior. Here are some tips for you to sleep during the pregnancy period:

  1. 1. Manage you eating and drinking habits

Do not smoke or drink wine during the pregnancy as both are harmful for your baby and as well as your night’s sleep. According to the research smokers have less sleep than the non-smokers. Avoid foods that contain caffeine such as tea, coffee and chocolate. Try to drink more in the morning and afternoon and less in the evening time. This will help you in reducing frequent urination in the night and you are able to sleep easily.

Cut down spicy foods including chili, tomatoes because they are the reason of heart burn. If you are suffering through heartburn problem try to eat lighter meals and two to three hours before going to bed. Are you troubled by nausea? Eat a snack before going to bed, it will help your stomach from becoming vacant.

  1. 2. How to make you feel relax

Take rest for an hour during the day, it will reduces the stress and feeling of fatigue. Time your naps carefully, do not take rest late in the day because it can affect your sleep at night. Try out different relaxation techniques such as deep breathing and prenatal yoga .Do your exercises in the morning to stay in shape but don’t try it before the bed time, it will affect your sleep. Try to complete your exercises at least 3 to 4 hours before you go to bed.

Do not worry about your upcoming day’s task, it will give you stress and you will not be able to sleep. If you are worry about something that you will forget it, take a paper and make a list of them, this will reduce your stress.

  1. 3. Make good environment for sleep

First of all, make a schedule of your bed time and stick to it. Try to relax yourself before sleeping by light reading or bath. During the pregnancy your body will be warmer than usual so try to keep your room cool and noise less. Do not stick to your bed all the day, use your bed only for sleep or sex. Make yourself sleep on left side, this will allow blood and other essential fluid to regulate in the uterus easily.

If you are trying to sleep for more than 20 minutes and not able to sleep, get up and do something you like to do but don’t try too hard to sleep.


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