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How to slow down aging process

Updated on July 1, 2013

Having concerns about aging is natural but there are certain things that can help you slow down aging process. As women seem to be more conscious about health and age, they should be aware of these things. If they start living their life according to the information given in the article, they can have a healthy lifestyle and have long young life. Good news is that you don’t have to spend heavy amount of money or other costs to achieve that life style. This lifestyle includes healthy diet, exercises, physical activity, few precautions, and proper sleep in it. All these factors combine together to help you live long and healthy life. In Pakistan, women cannot focus on healthcare because most of them face tough time in their life. There are certain effects that take part in aging process and they cannot be stopped. That doesn’t mean you cannot do anything about that. The aging process cannot be stopped but it can be slowed down. Following are the essentials that help to work on health and aging process effectively:

  • Aerobic cell respiration produces oxidants or free radicals. These free radicals actually affect the DNA and cause damage to it. However, anti-oxidants can act against the oxidants and reduce the damage. Anti-oxidants are present in different types of diets that contain anti-oxidants. Include all kinds of fruits and vegetables in your diet so that you can take maximum intake of natural diet. These anti-oxidants will take part and slow down the aging process.
  • Happiness can be a helpful factor to make you live longer. Women are curious and conscious about many pointless things, which they have to sort out and exclude from their life so that they can stay happy. There are forces that you need to counter while having concerns like long and healthy life. These forces are stress, depression, confusion, and many other like these. Depending upon the personality and circumstances, different people find happiness through different ways. You have to find out the factors that stop you from being happy. Take those factors out of your life and keep those things that bring happiness to you. In this way you can live longer.
  • Monitoring blood pressure on regular basis is a very useful activity. This will keep you aware of your physical condition time to time. You can notice the changes occurring in your body and you will be able to handle them well in time.
  • Decreasing the sugar intake is one of the important decisions you can make. Sugar is also taking part in the aging process and less sugar will cause less damage to health.
  • While taking care of health, women do not focus on the cosmetic usage. Women use lots of makeup and cosmetics for looking younger and attractive. They are unaware of the fact that these products are continuously damaging the skin. You need to avoid the cosmetics as much as you can. Natural fruits, vegetables, and healthy diet will keep your skin and muscle tone fresh and attractive. So natural way is preferable as it has long term effects.


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