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How To Stay Motivated To Lose Weight In 10 Ways

Updated on January 24, 2020

Weight Loss

Motivation in Weight Loss

The festivities are over; what with indulging in all sorts of goodies and drink. You may have had to buy clothes a size bigger than you wear and are wondering how you will get out of this issue. No worries, you may have been there before and probably given up on weight loss but before you feel discouraged yet again. First, read the following tips and know that we all go through the phase of getting motivated to lose weight then we go back on our promise to ourselves.These tips are aimed at helping you stay motivated as you embark on this task that is like a mountain.

1) Set reasonable and realistic goals. It is important to ask yourself if what you are trying to accomplish is reasonable. Do not try to achieve too much in a short span of time. The best way to do this is to create a vision by having a mental picture of yourself and how you will look after this process. These goals should be broken down into smaller goals or steps. Once you set your goals you will need to evaluate them. Take on small simple habits instead of a lot of them knowing that the small, simple changes will help you reap large results.

2) Limit your favorite foods. Do not cut out your favorite foods because it will just make you want and crave for them more. Instead, limit the amount and quantity of your favorite food.

3) Note the positive changes new eating habits have brought you. Weight loss at times can take a while before any considerable change is seen, so instead of focusing only on the changes you cannot see, focus on the benefits like saving money by not wasting it on junk food. Or your increased energy level as a result of exercising. The secret is to focus on what is going right. You can note the positive changes in an exercise blog which you can start and write details like what you do every day, the calories you are burning, how close to your goal you are. This form of information goes a long way in encouraging others and in turn motivates you in the process.

4) Celebrate the victories! By setting your goals and tracking your progress, celebrate whatever milestone you have overcome like a certain weight you have achieved to keep on with the motivation. A reward system is very important, you can do it in a point system where for every good decision you make like eating healthy and exercising you get a point and once you get to a certain number of points then you can reward yourself with something that you rarely do.

5) Find an accountability partner. Find a friend or trainer, who will keep you on track when you miss a workout, or feel like calling it quits. This partner is one who you will share what you are going through reduce your mental strain. Make sure you choose someone who makes you better.

6) Plan your schedule ahead of time. Proper planning gives your workout and plan priority and structure. Make sure this schedule is put in places of your house where it will act as a reminder.

7) Avoid negative self-talk. Avoid negative thoughts, but when you do start to think negatively, visualize what the achievement will do for your body and wellbeing. Negative thoughts and talks are taken as self-fulfilling prophecies which bring down your motivation.

8) Have a success journal. This journal should document your successes and in turn will help build your confidence in your abilities to carry out your goal.

9) Use visual cues. We are all visual creatures, and so can use this to our advantage! Find an old photo where you look good and place it where it can act as a motivator that encourages you to go back where you were. Better still you can use fitness magazines where people share their weightless stories and keep photos of both before and after the weight loss. Another way is to hang the outfit that you wish to fit into, after you’re weight loss on your bedroom door. Often trying it on will encourage you further to continue with your schedule. Another way is hanging a piece of your fat clothes to act as a reminder that you do not want to go back to weight gain.

10) Give away your "fat" outfits. Avoid holding onto your big clothes because you will not need them. So, give them away as a sign that you do not intend to be back to that weight


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