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How to stay positive and regain your self-confidence?

Updated on February 8, 2015

How to stay positive and regain your self-confidence?

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The moment you know it has been enough!

If you are a full-time worker and you make an effort each day to complete your tasks on time and be consistent and still do not receive a recognition for it but instead you are criticized for situations you cannot control or change then there is an issue that is worth considering.

This situation tends to become quite complex when you start paying attention to details. When you are aware that your colleagues, though kind and pleasant during a conversation, do not take their job seriously, who just talk but act differently and yet they have never been brought up for discussion and it continues. They are loud, self-confident and they always know best. Their main success is to impress the man in charge and they are safe for eternity. Majority of you have met those people. How to put them aside and stop their domination?


Rule number 1: Attitude

Always keep your head high and never let anyone's comment or insult make you bury your head in the sand because that is what their intention is. It is quite simple to take control of someone or a situation if you are the one who is keeping the head down. Stand your ground and express your opinion. You might have some great ideas but no one will know about them if you hide yourself behind the expected course of events. Break the silence!

Rule number 2: Wardrobe

Dress code is significant. In the evening (from now on - not in the morning) choose what you are going to wear while you are at work. In this way when you wake up in the crack of dawn you will not have to raid the wardrobe and leap into your clothes anymore because you are going to be late for the first time and blame yourself the whole day. Instead of that you can get up calm and ready to face all the challenges with a smile on your face and having smart clothes on. The clothes will boost your self-confidence and your appearance will give you an opportunity to reveal your ideas and creativity.

Rule number 3: On the move

Exercise at least three times a week. Do not shut yourself in a house after work and mourn over your various difficulties such as paying bills or being invisible. The Pilates can be a great way to keep your mind and body busy with something healthier than everyday problems and at the same time it will strengthen your body. If you want something more active, boxing might be a sport for you to cast off all your negative energy. If you do not find yourself in either of these two activities you can go for a walk, take your dog for a walk or you can go running. The most important is to change the everyday after work routine.

Dream and act

Whenever you have time to spare make sure that you finish or start something that you have always wanted. If you have been thinking of growing your own organic tomatoes now is the right time to make it reality. Immediately plant a couple of tomato seeds. Water them regularly and wait for them to grow and ripen. Their fruit will give you satisfaction and self-esteem that will influence your personality in the greatest way. The fact that you have achieved something out of your professional area broadens your mind. You will approach everything differently if you regularly decide to spend your free time on a completely different field of interest.

When you just skim this hub you will not find a deep meaning of it. The planting tomatoes which had been mentioned above are the small things that your life depends on. For some people planting tomatoes is a completely different thing but as long as your life is not just work and stress it requires but is fulfilled with simple and inspiring moments you can be certain that you have not lost the touch. It is much better to have dreams and go after them than just sit and do nothing.


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