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How to survive a really tough day

Updated on April 10, 2014

Noise in one of the units near me

This very bad, no good day started by being awakened by a couple in one of the apartments having a really loud argument where the man used swear words and the woman was crying.. That was common after living here for more than twelve years. At least it wasn't 4:30 a.m. and right next to my window outside

My concern here was when this woman screamed Oh God! Oh, God! NO! and the man told her to shut up be quiet and hush, but not before using a swear word after shut up.. Snatching my cell phone and dialing 911 was necessary.The little girl above me didn't need to hear all that noise and foul language. This could have escalated into something more than a possible domestic violence issue. It was not clear whether she got hit, but it was my duty to put a stop to the noise. Telling dispatch about it, they sent two cops over. Once they showed, the noise and swearing stopped.

Management asked if the cops were called. After saying they were, she said it could have been a domestic issue. I told her that was what the cops were told. The management also said they were to put notices on the doors of those living on either side of me. She also said to let them know if this happened again. That would be doubtful if they would start again. Everyone who lived around me left quietly that morning. They knew the management and cops were alerted to the noise.

This was a lease violation because the man got loud enough to disturb others so early in the morning with all that screaming and swearing. If the cops knew the apartment number, that man would have gone to jail for disturbing the peace at the most.


This could've remained unanswered

Oh, brother!
Oh, brother! | Source

The phone scam uncovered

The phone rang before 3 p.m. it was a wireless number, which was answered by me. Most of the time, the person on the other end hung up when they heard my voice, but this man didn't. He asked to speak to me but got my middle initial wrong. He rattled off the correct address and landline number so he continued to speak telling me that he was from the local sherif's department and that there was a warrant for my arrest for missing a jury duty court date of March 26- April 4. There was a $500+ fine for this, he said, My choices were:

  1. Learning how to pay the fine or
  2. Hanging up and letting him issue the arrest warrant

This was what my reply was:

  1. My exemption letter, from my primary doctor, negated serving on jury duty because of my disability as of March 2011.
  2. The above was the reason why the yellow card was never sent to me.

He told me the warrant still had to be stopped so the letter needed to come along with a pre-paid card with the money uploaded on it that day. I was to give him the number on the card after uploading the funds to it. He also told me that No one was to know about the reason for this trip to the bank or I would be held in contempt of court.

My reply was for him to find the letter himself by calling the court house. With the right name, he could have found it. He said They must 've misplaced it and he'd have to check it out. He still pushed the warrant with the letter and the $500+ fine.

After copying the name and number he gave me, I called my mother, scared out of my wits from the arrest warrant. She told me to give her the number and that I was staying put. After five minutes she called me back saying this was a scam.

Once my head cleared and my emotions calmed. I remembered that this scam was almost 4-6 months old. The only difference was they wireless number replaced the local non-emergancy police number used before as reported on the local news.

The local authorities would never call and scare someone like this one did. They would send a letter if jury duty were missed by anyone first. With no response, then there would have been a call. After that, the arrest warrant.

Small, but satisfying!

Yum! My favorite comfort food!
Yum! My favorite comfort food! | Source

How to unwind--Eat a homemade pizza

It took two whole days to really get over. Since turning off the phones in my apartment were not wise, I took the local newsman's advice and tracked down the local Better Business Bureau number. By this time they were closed anyway. Mom said not to call the cops because this man wasn't really harrassing me. He scared me with the threat of an arrest warrant that was enough bother to get my dander up and do something.

Social media was a wonderful tool. My plight went up on Facebook immediately after calling my mother about it. Most of my friends and family preferred cell phones to landlines anyway. One of my friends from church insisted on reporting this as soon as possible to the right people. By the time i notified the County Sheriff's Department, I felt better.Good enough to eat a pizza a day later.It was too late to eat it that night of all the activity. Both the BBB and the County Sheriff's Department said they were going to catch that guy. The more information reported, the better their chances of him getting caught. Like the arguing couple nearby, the authorities knew about the problem.


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