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How to treat and cure nail fungus

Updated on April 20, 2013

Nail fungus is an infectious disease that occurs in the present time quite often. Statistics says that around a quarter of the population suffer from fungal infections of the foot - the nails and skin.

How do you get a nail fungus?

The contamination is obtained by walking barefoot on floors in public spaces such as: swimming pool, sauna, gym locker rooms, dance halls ... the risk of infection is lurking, and it is everywhere. However, not all people have the nail fungus, but are at risk, such as people with small skin lesions, with constant moisture: sweaty feet or people with internal disorders (diabetes, vitamin deficiencies, obesity.

What are the symptoms of nail fungus?

Fungal infections caused by dermatophytes (which are the most common). At first, these fungi affect nails. Firstly fungus infects the skin between the toes. It forms a cut that will not heal. The crack of the skin usually forms between the fourth and fifth toes, or between the third and fourth. This break often preceded by several months or years, contaminates the nail, which often begins at the corner of the nail of the big toe. Initially, the contamination of the nail may lead to the following:

Toenail thick yellowish white. Scratch beneath the nail, white powder is removed and is contagious. . A fungal infection can spread easily from person to person.


Oral treatments are recommended especially when it is a nail fungus with a major advance (when the fungus reached a large part of the surface of the nail,) these treatments are based on tablets, for example, terbinafine or itraconazole, are available by prescription. However, these treatments may have side effects on the liver. Your doctor will give you more information (contra-indications, risks ...)

There is also a light-based treatment that exposes the nail fungus to light waves. Also known as photodynamic therapy sensitive drugs (which respond to light) this type of treatment is currently is often expensive or under development and is especially true for severe or resistant to conventional treatment (topical or oral). Ask your doctor what the most effective method to treat your nail fungus.

Treating nail fungus with herbs popular

Apple cider vinegar.

Before the procedure thoroughly wash the feet. Prepare a bowl of hot water and pour the apple cider vinegar. The concentration can be selected individually. If your feet have significant skin lesions (erosion, ulcers), this solution can corrode the damaged areas. The foot hold in this fluid needs as long as you can tolerate. This bath is before going to bed. Upon completion of the procedure put socks on your feet soaked in vinegar. With this acidic environment will destroy the fungus.


Cut lemon into slices, each slice in half. A medium is applied to the affected area; cover with polyethylene and with a bandage. Do it for 10 days. After that, the surface of the nail will appear normal.

Herbal Infusions.

Traditional treatments for nail fungus include herbal teas. To do this, you need to take 1 tablespoon of meadowsweet, pour in a cup of boiling water. Wait about 15 minutes, let cool. Moisten a cotton swab and rub your fingers and nails infusion 2 times a day (morning, afternoon). Treatment is for 3 weeks.

Tincture of birch buds.

Add 0.5 liters of vodka in half a cup of birch buds, leave for 10 days. This softens dead skin nails. Do it at night and in the morning you can cut soft nails. After another 7 days emerge a new nail.


The solution is prepared from crushed garlic cloves with the addition of 2 teaspoons of salt and 0.5 liters of water. Then with gauze is applied 3 times daily.


Nail fungus treated three times a day for an iodine solution to 5% for 20 days. Mild stinging after a few days indicates that the treatment is successful. If burning is strong, iodine applied 1 time per day.

Also, for a long time has made ​​use of therapeutic compounds for the treatment of the nail fungus containing acids (salicylic acid), pigments (blue, bright green), iodine, vinegar, and sulfur. All this applies in the form of various solutions, liquids, ointments, patches and varnishes. To get rid of the fungus, you have to be persistent and consistent: the treatment of fungal diseases requires a lot of time, sometimes the treatment continues for a year or more.

Prevention - is the first half against nail fungus.

Therefore, it is important to:

Avoid walking barefoot in public places (spas, gyms, swimming pools);

Prefer socks made of natural materials;

Do not wear tight shoes;

Do not ignore the injury and consult a doctor early


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