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How to work out when trying to gain weight

Updated on March 28, 2012

How to work out when trying to gain weight

Many people simply do not know how to work out when they are trying to gain weight. A person who wants to know how to work out when trying to gain weight should train with compound lifts at least three days a week. Compound lifts include squats, deadlifts and bench presses. These three exercises should be done on the same day. A person should do these three lifts on the days that they would normally take off from lifting weights. They should do heavyweight with each exercise and perform five sets of each exercise. It is ideal to perform low reps with heavyweight, so a person should aim to do at least six reps on each exercise. Compound lifts are great to use when trying to gain weight because compound lifts are considered power movements; lifts that are designed to add muscle mass. Compound movements work more than one muscle group and this is why they are great to use when trying to gain weight. If a person gets bored training with these three compound exercises, then they can switch it up and do other compound lifts such as incline barbell bench press, barbell shoulder press and sumo squats.

Rest is very important when it comes to gaining muscle weight. Muscles grow quicker when a person gets the appropriate amount of sleep. Plenty of rest is extremely important but not many people sleep or rest as much as they should. Everybody is different when it comes to sleep requirements but it seems that the average person should try to aim for at least eight hours of sleep a night. Some may need a bit more than this while others can probably feel well rested after only getting six hours of rest a night. However, a person should just make sure to get plenty of rest.

Workouts should be limited to just one hour and no longer than this. A good workout should be able to be completed in just one hour.

A person who is struggling to gain weight should start training with heavyweights and low reps. A person may be tempted to do cardio but cardio should be avoided for a few weeks. On top of training with heavyweights, a person needs to consume some major calories. When trying to gain weight a person should try to consume at least three thousand calories a day, as well as plenty of protein. A person should try to consume at least one gram of protein per pound. If a person weighs a hundred and fifty pounds, then one hundred and fifty grams of protein should be consumed on a daily basis.

When working out with heavyweights a person should train at least three days a week and train more than one muscle on their training days. They should also train an additional three days a week using compound lifts only, as described earlier in the article.

A person who follows the advice in this article should be able to gain weight within a few weeks.


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