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How women can age healthy and gracefully

Updated on June 30, 2013

Everyone is concerned about aging but don’t know how to handle it. Women are more concerned about aging as they have shorter lifespan of being young. They want to look young so they spend lot of money, time, and effort for this. Men have different lifestyle from women especially in the countries like Pakistan. Most of the women are housewives and have tough routine of life. Women of cities are more concerned about their aging as they are more conscious about social status and all that stuff. If you are a woman and you are concerned about aging, there is good news for you. Aging process has certain effects that can be slowed down or even stopped. There are many ways of doing this if someone has concerns about aging and healthcare.

  • Oxidants chemicals or free radicals are produced when normal aerobic cell respiration occurs. These free radicals also cause damage to DNA. On the other hand, anti-oxidants are the substances acting against the oxidants and minimizing the damages made by them. There are certain anti-oxidants present in many fruits and vegetables that minimize the damage of cells. Some of these anti-oxidants are Vitamin C, vitamin E, and beta carotene. A healthy and balanced diet contains all these substances in it. This doesn’t mean that these anti-oxidants are going to stop or delay aging. However, they can take those damages that come with age to the minimum level. Only anti-oxidants are not going to help. You have to take care of many other things regarding healthcare. You have to adopt a healthy lifestyle if you want to look young for long.
  • Happiness or state of well-being is the best factor that leads to healthy lifestyle. Happiness can counter forces like stress, fear, depression, and many others affecting your healthy life. It can be achieved through many ways as it varies person to person. Spending time with compatible people where you feel happy, comfortable and positive would be preferable to stay happy. You should avoid the company of downers and spend more time where you can get positive energy. The reason is negative energy can influence you with the passage of time.
  • Monitoring the blood pressure regularly is very helpful to keep you up-to-date about your physical condition. If you are continuously monitoring your blood pressure, you will be able to notice changes. In this way, you can keep an eye on the deterioration of the cardiovascular system with the age.
  • Another important part of your body is skin. Skin makes you look young or old. Most of the women use makeup to look attractive and younger but they are unaware of the fact that these products are actually decreasing the age of their skin. Apart from this, heavy foundation and cosmetic usage increases the need of hydration. Most of the women are not aware of this factor. Natural fruits, vegetables, and herbs would bring more effective improvement to your health and skin. Try avoiding heavy makeup on regular basis. If you eat natural and healthy diet, you won’t need heavy makeup to look attractive or healthy.
  • Exercise is the best partner that keeps your body fit and improves the efficiency of your body. Exercise and physical activities enhance the blood circulation and muscle tone. Proper and guided exercise must be a part of your lifestyle.
  • You have to decrease the sugar intake as much as possible. Extra sugar intake also reduces you r life span in many ways.


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