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How to Eat More Vegetables

Updated on August 30, 2007
Veggielicous Cookies
Veggielicous Cookies

There are many health benefits associated with eating vegetables, yet many of us don't eat nearly as many vegetables as we should. I actually love vegetables, but find myself eating other, less healthy, foods. My rationalization, as with so many other people, is the notion that vegetables take too long to prepare, or that it's not as easy to find veggie-rich convenience foods as other things. However, this just isn't true. There are many convenient and easy ways to include more vegetables in your diet.


Getting in the habit of eating a salad with at least one meal each day is an excellent way to include more veggies in your diet. As long as you keep fresh lettuce and a few other vegetables on hand, you can throw together a tasty salad in no time at all. Many diets recommend eating salads as a main course because the leafy greens are low calorie, fiber-rich, and filling. See How to Make Green Salads for great salad suggestions.

Fresh Vegetables

Fresh vegetables are a real treat when they are in season. There is nothing quite as great as visiting a farmers market during the summer. I love just about every type f fresh vegetable, and my husband pretty much hates all vegetables except tomatoes and baby spinach. However, when I include shredded zucchini in casseroles, he doesn't even notice it's there! For more great ideas on how to prepare fresh vegetables, see The Santa Monica Farmer's Cookbook.

Canned Vegetables

Canned vegetables can be very convenient. They can be quick and easy to prepare. With canned vegetables, it's easy to sneak extra servings of veggies into all types of foods. It's easy to substitute canned vegetables (and fruits) for some of the oil in many different baking recipes. See for great ideas on how to include more vegetables in your family's diet.


You can even enjoy sweet treats that help you eat more vegetables. For example, Veggielicious Cookies, Inc. makes and markets vegetable-based cookies, cakes, and other sweet treats. Their goodies are made with fresh, organic vegetables and do not contain processed sugar, preservatives, or unhealthy hydrogenated oils.

Visit to order sweet potato drop cookies, carrot cakes, and other healthy desserts and snacks. You can even join the cookie club and have fresh cookies delivered to your door twice every month.

If you're feeling ambitious, you can even try to make pumpkin sweet potato coconut pie or zucchini bread on your own. Eating more veggies never tasted so great!


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  • Vizey profile image

    Vizey 8 years ago

    I have salads daily and my weight is under control. My skin is glowing and my digestion is improving. I had constipation and now it has gone.