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Harness the power of your imagination to achieve your dreams

Updated on February 5, 2012

How to increase the power of your imagination

You must recognise the immense power of your imagination. This is a must, if you don’t understand this fact, you will never be able to use the full potential that it offers.

. You must learn how to manage the imagination, it is only by doing this can your dreams and aspirations come into being. You need to practise visual imagery in your mind, but never use it for idle day-dreaming only use it for real constructional change.

Imagination is at it’s most prevalent as a child; all children have this heightened imagination. We can see this use in their play; they have invisible friends, and make a few chairs into a make believe car, bus, or any other form that their imagination takes them. This imagination gets more diminished as we get older. By the time we become adults it’s almost entirely lost by most people, we then have to relearn how to capture the earlier childhood imagination.

The use of hypnosis

This is where we employ the use of hypnosis to regain this lost art of using the imagination in helping you to achieve your full potential in life. Learn to control your imagination. Take the desire to quit smoking, just trying to use willpower is not enough, you need to use your imagination through the practice of visual imagery. You give yourself self suggestions in this powerful form of visual command imagery, and to see these self suggestions in this visualized picture image form.

Human relationships benefit from controlled Imagination

All areas of human relations will be vastly improved if you direct and channel your imagination in a positive and constructive manner. If you think about it for a moment, you will find that all our memories are mental images of everyone and everything we have ever seen.

Imagination to induce self-hypnosis

Suggestion is the path which leads to hypnosis; imagination is the medium in which you move. Your imagination when properly channelled can help you reach your full potential in life. It will help with improving your income, increase self confidence, help you in your human relationships and give you the life you never dreamed existed.

Highlights To Remember

1) Your Imagination if not used right can help to make or break you.

2) Secret of success is a creative and powerful imagination.

3) We are all born with strong imaginations, but it becomes dormant as we get older.

4) Your imagination is far more powerful than your will power will ever be.

5) Your imagination when combined with self-hypnosis can help you achieve your goals.

6) your imagination is the gateway to creative ideas.

7) Through hypnosis, self suggestion, visual imagery, the imagination will make the reality.


People with imagination are the most creative and most productive; they generate ideas with endless possibilities. Keep practising with the help of hypnotherapy by using hypnosis and self hypnosis. There are many excellent programs out there; that will if used on a daily basis help you on the road to making your imagination work for a healthier you and a happier life. A half an hour each day is all that is needed, but you do need to make this a regular regime, so keep that imagination working for you.


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