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How To Treat Snoring Problem

Updated on November 17, 2016

Snoring Can be disturbing

Have you ever been thrown out of your own bed because your spouse can’t handle your loud snores? Don’t lose heart… it’s an all too familiar scene being played out in bedrooms throughout the world.

Why do you snore? Do you know the cause?

Snoring is not just a nuisance that disturbs everyone within earshot but causes serious health problems later on in life. Its immediate effects can be seen in sleep deprivation and weariness throughout the day. You may end up feeling lethargic and sleepy all day. There are most of us who believe that snoring is a problem that cannot be tackled at all which is a completely wrong observation. If you are able to analyze and identify the exact cause of your snoring it can aid you in choosing the right cure.

Causes of Snoring

Snoring can be caused for different reasons that can be genetic and hereditary while some can be controlled if you want to. At first you should try and choose such treatments that are simple can be tried at home and don’t involve medication and then progress to more complex procedures when home remedies don’t help. Overweight can be a good reason for a severe snoring problem so you can start off with losing some weight if that’s what is causing you to snore at night. Smoking, alcohol, certain prescribed medications like tranquilizers and high-fat milk products can lead your nasal and throat muscles to relax.

Check your bed

This leads to the obstruction of the air passage causing you to snore.

  • Considerably reducing the intake of such products may help in the long run.
  • Similarly, you may try sleeping on your side instead of sleeping on your back which seems to make individuals snore more.
  • Increasing the level of the head of your bed often works in helping to breathe easily and encourages the tongue and mouth to move forward.
  • Instead of using soft downy pillows sleep without one, or a specially designed pillow that helps your neck muscles and causes no obstructions in the air passage while you are sleeping.

Is it a cold?

You may also realize that a bout of severe cold and accumulation of mucus clogs your nasal passages and induces snoring. This is best avoided by clearing your nasal passages with the help of nasal strips and decongestants.

Dental Appliances

If some of these home remedies don’t work, there are other dental appliances that can be used.

  • Resembling mouth guards worn by athletes these appliances help to position your lower jaw and help in breathing.
  • The CPAP (Continuous Positive Airway Pressure) is a machine that blows pressurized air into a mask worn over your nose or face that keeps your airway open during sleep.
  • However you must first consult an ENT specialist or somebody specialized in sleep disorders before using these devices. If none of these work there are certain surgical procedures that can be used as a last resort. These usually include removing extra tissues from your nasal and airway passage and also correcting any abnormalities. It is advisable however to consult a specialist in these cases.


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