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How to Improve your SexLife - Recipe for Healthier Life

Updated on August 30, 2011

My Contribution To National Hubbers Call for Diet and Fitness

Well to start off with one has establish a condition of the mind and have that inate desire to go at 100 plus percent.

So you need to analyse what habits are inhibiting the end result of becoming a healthier person, remember this is the initial planning stage and only requires that the grey matter starts to kick into gear.

So what do we look at changing, what are we personally doing to our own bodies?

It is a proven medical fact that the healthier and fitter you are, your sex life improves proportionally!

Let us look at good health inhibitors

Examining some bad habits - be honest with yourself

See results

Be serious when you answer the above

Scoring for this check up.

All these habits are a major problem, and each of those items are contributors to poor health that could or may eventually led to serious health issues.

So what do we need to do about it.

Item 1. Smoking. There is only one way that you can overcome this habit. You need to just stop! Easy for you to say, I can hear those mutterings in the background.

It is simple, I have not smoked a cigarette for 5 years now. I woke up on the 7Th of April 2003, after my breakfast cigarette, I killed the stub, and stated that this was my last cigarette.

Threw away my packet, put my lighter in my bottom drawer, and have not smoked since.

I had smoked 30 a day for the major part of 35 years.

Item 2. Drinking. Daily intakes of several glasses of alcohol does some pretty harm to your internal organs. Mainly your Liver. This is a something that for periods, in various different jobs, there was this after the days work wind down session with the bosses, which was to discuss any problems experienced and what was done to correct it. Naturally it was done in a social atmosphere, and several glasses where consumed.

This became a habit and by mid morning quite a few of us would be clock watching for the end of the day. This was a warning call.

I switched to water, and found I prefered it.

In my social life I will indulge on occasions, but normally dont even go nowhere near more than one a day.

That Strange Question

Item 3. Coffee & Tea. What has the drinking of tea and coffee got to do with overall health issues.

Quite simply put the caffine is a stimulant that excites the functioning of many of your major organs.

While you are already trying to cope with not smoking and decreasing your alcohol intake, as well as those extra execise routines, you do not need to add to the stress levels that could freak you out.

Many years ago, my personal best attempt at the unofficial record of the most coffee drunk in one sitting by a customer, was 12 mug fulls, in the space of an hour and a half.

Okay, I had a caffeine buzz that lasted an hour, and could not eat for fear of gagging for two hours.

When I was under the orders of the Naturopathic doctor, I did not touch tea or coffee, and I did not experience any headaches, my sense of taste was enhanced as well, obviously, as my sense of smell.

I have lapsed and I now need to return to the Naturopathic way of eating. Some of the basics are on the following hub


Diet the most important Health Factor


Item 4 Eating.The idea of not eating take aways, really, what do you think we will survive on? Well if you have to analyse the average take away meal you aer not getting very much nutrition, just a great dollop of cholesterol, and the overload of fats that settle on your love handles, heart and in your blood stream.

That is really what World Health Organisations are up against, the other 4 items that I have listed are small change! Not really, they are the all part of that structure that makes a balanced physical healthy you!

In computers, and systems information processes, there is an apt saying

GIGO - Garbage In Garbage Out

What we drastically need to do for health and healthy minds, is to start eating correctly.

Consult your doctor before undertaking an eating plan

Find the diet that suits you.

The ideal way to cook and eat food

  1. Mainly Raw at least 60%
  2. Then grilled or baked no fats
  3. Then steamed
  4. Then boiled
  5. Least of all fried - use a spray and cook

Regarding general health and exercise

Item 5. Excercise.Read my hub on Breathing and excercise, take up a mild form of excercise, start gently and build up.

But remember to consult your Doctor before doing so.


When I was 18 going 19, I started working out at a Gym run by the then Mr Universe, Reg Park himself. He had watched me doing my routines, and approached me to start training under him as he had seen my body potential for a future Mr Universe, in me, I did not think so. Fortunately, my working strange shifts put a stop to those plans, but the information and tips that he imparted on me stuck.

The most important one being, the breathing, or should I say the correct breathing for the exercise. His anecdote was you can do fifty sit-ups, but if you do not inhale when raising up, then exhale going down, you will never strengthen you abs, even if you do two hundred a day.

So learn the correct breathing patterns for your exercise routines..

Then at a later stage in my life, some 20 years later, while training for my black belt grading Karate, was introduced to Tai Chi, which taught me again that correct and controlled breathing was extremely important.

Cardio training Good or Bad.

I maybe shot down in flames but I do not believe pushing yourself to those limits as being totally benificial.

In defence of my statement:-

However the best lesson was highlighted when I introduced a fitness fanatic, who did her circuits at the gym every day, and had been doing it for over a year, she had abs that you wish you had, she was fit and toned, minimal body fat etc.

Well she went with me to a Tai Chi session which lasts only an hour, and she was hooked, I had dropped out due to an injury before SA Champs in Karate, she continued.

Why? During that first training session she attended, she had exercised more of her muscles than ever before, she was energised, and exhausted, her pulse rate was elevated. All this with no major physical exersion, all movements are slow and focused, as well as for that entire hour, you and your were constantly moving and flexing, all your muscles were tensing and relaxing.

I agreed with her, and I was used to the high impact, fast and controlled movements taht Karate demanded. However I perspired more in an hour of Tai Chi, than the hour I spent in a Dojo doing my Black Belt preparation.

Good Health

Are you ready to take the Challenge

See results

Do your own analysis of your answers

Do as I have done, honestly examine each items that you have ticked, understand the actual direct impact of that those bad habits have directly on your health. For further consideration, what would the family do if I dont make that change for a better life?

Then as they say in the classics, "DO THE MATHS"

Then sit down and make those changes.


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    • Just_Rodney profile imageAUTHOR

      Rodney Fagan 

      10 years ago from Johannesberg South Africa, The Gold Mine City

      Good for you Karen, yes Tai Chi is fun, Watch my forthcoming hubs. Glad you stopped by, and thanks for all the comments.

    • Karen Ellis profile image

      Karen Ellis 

      10 years ago from Central Oregon

      Really good writing Rodney. Excellent article. We can all make improements. I'm afraid since I've been writing so much on the computer, I haven't been getting as much exercise as I would like. I think I would like to try Tai Chi. I just got a booklet for local classes at the comunity college. I'm going to see if they have a local class going. You have inspired me.

    • Just_Rodney profile imageAUTHOR

      Rodney Fagan 

      10 years ago from Johannesberg South Africa, The Gold Mine City

      G-Ma, I thank you for that, and if I think I have been shown by some excellent hubbers, and that includes you.

    • G-Ma Johnson profile image

      Merle Ann Johnson 

      10 years ago from NW in the land of the Free

      Great hub my always complete and too the point...Thanks. G-Ma :o) hugs


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