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Hula Hooping for Exercise, Weight Loss, and Fun.

Updated on June 28, 2015

You might be interested in this and wonder what kind of hula hooping is right for me? Well there are several different types of hula hoops for different fitness programs.

First there’s weighted fitness hoops. I do not recommend using these and here is why. They normally weigh about three pounds each and come in a standard size. The weight is too heavy. It will leave bruises on your hips and stomach and it can be painful to hoop with. If you are already buff and have a six pack then go right ahead. I prefer a fitness method that is fun. If you’re not having fun then it’s just a boring painful workout. Everyone’s body is different so please make sure you review all your options before making a decision.

Next you have the option of using a standard children’s hoop from your local Walmart. These hoops are too light, small, and cheap to use. Your hula hoop should have some weight but a hoop that’s too light or too heavy is not beneficial.

My recommendation is buying or making a dance hula hoop. There are lots of options on Etsy for a handmade hoop. Or you could purchase one from a reputable company online. Next you need to know what size and weight of hoop to use. I recommend using a 160 psi weight and thickness which is the standard for beginner dance hoops. This will give your hoop the weight of being about a pound and a half to two pounds depending on size.

Next you need to pick out what size hoop to get. Get a tape measure and measure from the ground to your belly button. This will be the diameter of the hoop you need. There are only a couple of exceptions to this rule. Larger people are obviously going to need a larger hoop no matter how tall they are. So if you are a size 16/18 and larger then start out with a 44 inch or larger hoop regardless. For everyone else the standard size is around 40 inches. It’s best that your hoop is taller or at the same height as your belly button. The larger the hoop the easier it is to hoop as a beginner. This is because the larger hoops have a slower rotation than the smaller hoop. Thus they are easier to work out with.

When choosing a hoop you want to remember that the better you get, the smaller the hoop you should use. It also takes more core muscle strength to rotate a smaller hoop at a faster pace than a larger one. I recommend either a handmade hoop from Etsy or a portable hoop from Hoopnotica. They have an amazing hoop that is adjustable. So you can start off with a large hoop and gradually go down in size. Do your research and pick out the best hoop for your body type.

Feel free to leave comments in the section below. Thanks, and happy hooping!


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