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Hunger Pangs

Updated on February 24, 2016

We have heard of fad diets claiming that it can help a person lose weight. Most fad diets would tell us that we should eat less and exercise more. But did you know that we can lose weight by eating more? Mark Hyman MD, the author of Eat Fat Get Thin tells us that we should focus more on food by eating carbs. According to Hyman, there are three steps to a slimmer figure without starving.

The first step is to eat MCT Fat. MCT stand for Medium Chain Triglycerides. The foods that are considered MCT Fat are coconut oil, MCT oil, palm oil, and butter. MCT Fat is a special kind of fuel that speeds up metabolism and stay fuller longer. When we eat more MCT Fat for breakfast, it will diminish our hunger pangs.

The second tip is to replace sweet fats with "Fat Fats". For example, there are two snack foods placed in front of us. One is a muffin and the other is an apple. The obvious choice would be to choose the apple. If we mix slices of apple with coconut butter, it will keep us alert and help our brain function better.

The third step is to create a hunger ritual to shut down hunger. One example of a health ritual is drinking 8 oz of water or green tea. Next is to eat more dry nuts or seeds. Another option is to eat avocado with olive oil or vinaigrette. This will curb hunger and help us stay fuller longer. These options taste better than most foods that we eat for breakfast.

People have a misconception that when we want to lose weight, we should avoid the carbs. For Hyman, this is not the case. Carbs are no longer off limits. According to Hyman, potatoes should be eaten. Potatoes have what we call "resistance starch". This is a white powdery starch that fixes the metabolism. It speeds up one's metabolism therefore helping a person lose weight. It helps us burn more fat. Potato starch can help you sleep better. Just add water to the potato starch and there you go. People may get the notion that we should eat more fries or mashed potatoes. Mr. Hyman is talking about the raw potatoes like sweet potatoes and the white potatoes that we can add to our dishes. This is a good news to all spud lovers including this writer.

Who says you can't lose weight by eating all the carbs. We have heard the cliche that we shouldn't deprive ourselves when we want to lose weight. We need to eat good fats to sustain us for the rest of the day. This will cure hunger pangs and have a trimmer body.


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