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Hyaluronic acid – The Secret To Youthful Future

Updated on July 21, 2016

It is a natural phenomenon of life that we all age and eventually die; the science of mortality cannot be escaped. However, despite this fact, we all love to live and stay young, and one of the breakthrough discoveries in the world of beauty and health to restrict aging problems is the discovery of hyaluronic acid. The stores sell this healing miracle in many forms; the hyaluronic acid powder is the single most useful element that when synthesizes with the body delays all the signs of aging and prevents wrinkles or joint corrosion. It is an entirely natural solution to treat joint problems, skin troubles and also improves vision and overall health conditions. However, the dose of hyaluronic powder should be clearly understood from the physician to get the best effects.

This hyaluronic acid was first invented when the doctors were studying the reasons and solutions for synovial fluids. It was initially used in the products from premium cosmetic brands; the researches proved that hyaluronic acid could fade away the wrinkles! The tests and the trials showed the miraculous effect of hyaluronic acid on joints. The scientific tests revealed that when pure hyaluronic acid was administered to young people, they were able to absorb it completely even with the external application; but it was not so when the acid was applied externally to senior citizens. When doses of hyaluronic acid were given in other forms like capsules or powder, it eventually showed better joint health and skin conditions. This acid can actually stand as a replacement to the costly joint lubricating injections or surgeries! It is a naturally healing technique for your skin and will surely prevent any further structural damage of the cells.

How does it work?

Human skin structure is the combined with collagen and fibrous tissues, and as we grow older, these muscles lack hydration, moisture and thus lubrication with essential fluids. Eventually, it results in losing the good shape. The hyaluronic acid being one of the lubricating and nutritional agents treats this condition. Human eyes too are in place owing to the ocular muscles, and they too are lubricated each minute by the secretions that come from the tear glands. These glands are located just above the eye and once the eyes lack this lubrication it might show signs of problematic aging. Similarly in joints, this lubrication is critical to keep them mobile and pain-free.

The best effects of this acid were seen in the joints whatsoever; it effectively slowed down and even prevented the onset of osteoporosis due to calcium loss. Your joints need to be in proper order so that you can move them freely, and thus it will prevent the 'natural jamming' of the joints that happens in most of the elderly people. This discovery of hyaluronic acid in the world of medical science has undoubtedly spread good effects of the same are yet to be discovered!

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How does it look?

This hyaluronic acid is a slimy element without any shape and is a carbohydrate mass belonging to the group of the extracellular matrix. The medication for synovial fluids takes this as the prime ingredient along with lubricin. Thereby, both together helps in lubricating the joints properly. As an excellent element of the extracellular matrix, this hyaluronic acid also provides structural support to animal cells and aids in cell proliferation and movement. This acid is known as a prime component of our skin; being an active participant in repairing the damaged tissues when skin is exposed to UV rays, this acid even mends tanned skin conditions.

In latest researches, it has also been found that high concentration of hyaluronic acid plays a key role in brain development. It is already present abundantly in our cartilages, skin and the vitreous humor. This is the reason why the medical specialists first considered hyaluronic acid to be used extensively for in eye surgery, especially while doing glaucoma and cataract surgery, repairing retinal detachment and transplanting the cornea. The underlying cause is that this acid hastens the skin healing process after the surgery; it is seen remarkably among cataract patients.

Apart from eyes, this acid played the role of the primary lubricating substance of the synovial fluid and declared as a perfect and natural treatment for osteoarthritis of the knee. It increases the viscosity of the joint fluid, lubricates and cushions the joints and thus gives analgesic relief to the patient. This mode of treatment is known to be visco supplementation and administered with the help of injections into the knee joint.


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