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Hydrotherapy Massage Anyone?

Updated on May 2, 2012

Ace Water Spa is no ordinary pool. It is actually an indoor hydrotherapy massage pool. Hence, the word "spa" in its name. Instead of the usual massage where you lie down while a person applies pressure on various parts of your body to ease tension, Ace Water Spa utilizes water to do the job for you. It's massage and fun rolled into one!



If you do not like crowds, better be there early in the morning. They open at 6AM until 10PM during Mondays to Thursdays and 11PM during Fridays to Saturdays.

Registration fees are P550 for adults and P250 for kids below 4ft.

You will then be given a key to a locker where we can keep our stuff. Be careful not to lose your keys as there is a P200 penalty if you do.

Clients are strictly required to use a fitted swimwear preferably made of spandex material. If you fail to bring one, you can buy or rent one at the registration counter.

Since it is actually a spa, there is a time limit of 4 hours in the pool. Also, they do no allow food and drinks inside the pool area. You can eat at home or you can opt to eat at their restaurant but keep it a light meal. They discourage eating a heavy meal 30 minutes prior to a spa treatment to prevent vomiting due to the strong pressure of the water massage systems. Clients can indulge in a sumptuous meal at the spa restaurant after their treatment.

Locker Room

The Locker Room is located in the 2nd floor. There is a separate locker room for the male and the female.

First thing you need to do is surrender your shoes/slippers to the personnel manning the entrance of the locker room as they have slippers available inside. A shower cap will also be provided if you do not have one.

The locker room is a spacious area with the following amenities:

  • lockers equipped lock and key where you can keep your belongings
  • changing/shower rooms that have shampoo and liquid bath soap dispenser each
  • restrooms
  • 2 counter tables with mirror and hair blow dryer
  • plastic bags are also available for your wet swimsuits

Once you have changed and showered, you can now go to the pool area. Remember to leave your slippers in the locker room.


They have 9 heated pools and 1 cold pool so a total of 10 pools.

  • 1 Lapping Pool - this is a 4-lane 25m swimming pool where you can swim and do laps
  • 1 Kiddie Pool - this is a small pool designed for the little ones. It has a small basketball where the kids can play "shoot the ball" and a mushroom-like figure where water falls
  • 1 Spa Pool - this is where the massage systems are located
  • 6 Heated Herbal Pools - 3 pools each for Male and Female. The first pool is filled with Mint at 36ºC, the second pool with Jasmine at 38ºC and the third pool with Lavander at 40ºC.
  • 1 Cold Pool - a small round pool designed as an alternate for the heated herbal pools. You only have to immerse yourself here for 5 seconds after a 3 minute dip in the heated herbal pool. They call this Contrast Therapy Plunge. If this is too cold for you, you can opt to use bucket splash instead to cool yourself.

Our Experience

We were among the first 5 clients who got there, my son being the first kid. He brought his own floater and just started floating around. He was so happy! Too bad they do not allow cameras inside the pool area so I was not able to document his "happy" moments. His favorite part was the Lazy River which is a pool about 3 feet deep that goes around the perimeter of the main spa pool. It is mainly for floating as it has a current that can carry one throughout the area without a sweat. They provide big rectangular floating devices where kids and adults alike can ride.

Since the water was just up to his chest and he has a floater, we practically left him on his own. We can also easily see him from where we were so we check up on him every few minutes.

Hubby and I enjoyed the spa pool a lot. They have 25 massage systems that provides soft, moderate and hard massages. They use a system called "Ultrasonic Jet System" which I can describe as like having a very powerful hose spray water on specific parts of your body. (Due to the pressure created by the system, clients are strictly required to wear fitted swimsuits.)

Hydrotherapy massage - is a kind of therapeutic massage that utilizes “Ultrasonic Jet System” that massages specific areas of the body with its aquatic jets strategically located to relax and soothe tired and aching muscles. This treatment is best done in heated water. - Ace Water Spa FAQs

As there are a variety of massage systems available, you can choose which ones you like best. I personally like the Rainfall Acupuncture where you have to lie face down as rain-like droplets fall down on all parts of your body in varying intensities.

On the other hand, the Hydro-Buoyancy Massage tops hubby's list. He likes it because it provides moderate massage and he enjoys the feeling of floating that it creates.

Each massage system has a time limit of 3-5 minutes per session. There is a button that needs to be pressed to get it started and then it automatically turns itself off once the time limit is reached. You can do it again if you prefer especially if there is nobody waiting for his turn. Otherwise, you can try the other systems and then repeat the ones you like. You do have 4 hours after all.

As I mentioned earlier, food and drinks are not allowed in the pool area but they do have water dispensers and plastic cups so you can hydrate as you need it.

Is 4 hours enough?

Yes, it is. The regular massage sessions lasts for about 1-2 hours at most. This hydro-massage lasts 4hours! That is ample time for you to try out all the massage systems and even do a repeat session.

Overall, we truly enjoyed our time in Ace Water Spa. Looking forward to going back soon!

Contact Details

Ace Water Spa - Quezon City
399 Del Monte Avenue (near Banawe St.)
San Francisco Del Monte, Quezon City

Ace Water Spa - Pasig Branch
United St., cor. Brixton St.
near Pioneer, Pasig City

Official Website:
Official Facebook Page:


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