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Hypno-Psychotherapy And The Treatment of Clinical Depression

Updated on January 28, 2015

Hypno-Psychotherapy and Depression



There are many people suffering from depression more especially around Christmas. When everyone is singing "Tis the season to be jolly" many among us feel so hopeless and inadequate that getting out of bed in the morning is a chore. If you are suffering from depression then you know that It isn't something you can just snap out of when you want to. You don't want to feel the way you do but you do and you feel helpless to change this .

Many people turn to medication to alleviate the symptoms. Managing the symptoms using medication does not solve the problem. It is rather like turning down a smoke alarm in your house because you find the noise annoying. The problem with this approach is that though the symptoms may be under control the fire is never put out.

The mind is the master because it is the thoughts you think that keep you feeling the way you do. While in a depressed state your morbid and melancholic mood is created by the thoughts you dwell upon. You are locked into a certain train of thought very much like when you get stuck in a book and each time you re-read the page you are unable to remember what you just read. In the same way a person locked in depression feels trapped and unable to escape the feeling.

Many people turn to alcohol but this just makes matters worse. Though alcohol has a numbing effect of a person's feelings and may even make the person feel elated for a while the low must follow and the mind inevitably plummets to even darker depths and and the cycle continues.

Physical Symptoms of Depression

Signs and Symptoms of Depression

The following are some of the signs and symptoms to look out for if you feel you or a loved one may be suffering from depression. All the activities and pursuits associated with anything that once made you feel happy and uplifted your spirits like your favourite past times no longer interest you. You just don't have the energy or enthusiasm anymore and you withdraw more in to yourself. You start finding it harder to get up in the morning and feeling like sleeping all the time. You might find it hard to get to sleep and when you do you find your sleep broken so you get up exhausted every morning. You could find that you are losing interest in eating and lose weight or alternatively find yourself eating all the time and you gain considerable weight. You could find yourself feeling restless and irritable snapping at love ones for very trivial things that seem enormous in your mind. You may find yourself going over and over memories of things you regret doing or have failed to do and which now make you feel guilty.You may be harbouring thoughts of suicide and death and imagining your own funeral and how everyone will come to remember you now that it is too late. You may find yourself feeling tearful and crying for no apparent reason.

Depression is a condition that you don't have to feel embarrassed about. As you don't consciously ask for any illness you didn't ask for depression. Depression is an illness created by the mind and it is only by addressing it at the subconscious level of the mind that the emotional root cause can be dealt with and condition cured for good!

Hypnotherapy to Treat Depression

The Ethical Treatment of Depression

More doctors are now accepting that it is not efficient to treat conditions like depression for years with medication alone. They are realising that medication coupled with appropriate therapy that addresses the condition in the mind is proving far more effective.

Hypno-Psychotherapy is an ethical approach to a complex condition which has at its base the principle that in order to address a condition like depression effectively the emotional root cause needs to be addressed. This is a more balanced approach and though it is not a "quick fix" it is lasting.

For more information about my work as a Hypno-Psychotherapist and to download high quality audio products to give you the experience of hypnosis in the comfort of your own home please visit our website:

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