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How To Reduce Stress With Hypnotherapy

Updated on June 10, 2009

There is one Live TV Show that become hits lately in Indonesia, it called " The Master ". Many have watched that TV Show and become fans. The show is a reality show and intend to search for new talented person that has special skill in illution, mentalist, hypnotic, and many strange skill that beyond the limit. Many young talented people have participated on that show and they are pretty good I think. Some can read mind, predict the future (I think they transfered or influenced their mind to the audience), escaped from locked box, telephaty, and many more. It's a game about the power of mind. The judges are credible too, like the best Indonesian mentalist Mr. Deddy Corbuzier, the best Indonesian hypnotherapist Mr. Romy Rafael, and the talented and beautiful actrees Ms. Melisa Karim. So far I think that show is quite exciting and entertaining.

One thing that makes me interested is when Mr.Romy start showing his ability to hypnotize the people. Like the pictures (courtesy of RCTI) below, he starts asking about eight to ten volunteers to come over and starts hypnotize them. They usually fall asleep directly and will do everything Mr. Romy suggest to them. The hypnotic moment is the favorite part of the show I think. You can watch the audience response. They laughed, claped their hands, and concentrated more. It's very entertaining.

So, what is hypnotize anyway? Hypnotize is the person who does the hypnosis. Hypnosis according to Mr. Romy is the natural state of total relaxation where the body condition of mind awareness increased more than usual. When you are entering the hypnosis state, your awareness of what is happening around will be reduced compared to awareness of feelings inside or within you. Then you will focus your attention to the sugestions that is planted to you to overcome the problem. You are in a phase change that is useful to improve health, increase self-awareness and access to various sources of positive self in you.

During hipnosis progress, you are not in a situation really asleep or awake. You will not lose control over yourself.The therapy that uses hypnosis is called Hypnotherapy. This kind of therapy is very useful to overcome stress. When you are unconscious, the hypnotherapist will dig up various issues related to your stess. You will give your honest answers on natural unconscious condition. Once after you're feeling comfortable of what caused you stress then the hypnotherapist will give you suggestions that really useful for your health and your-self development. I think hypnotherapy is pretty useful for person who has some kind of addiction (alcohol,drugs, bad habits, etc) or phobia (claustrophobia, arachnophobia, acrophobia, etc), a person who like to quit smoking.

Hypnotherapy is only one alternative treatment method that you may try, but you have to consult to your doctor first.

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    • febriedethan profile image

      febriedethan 8 years ago from Indonesia

      Thank's lgali for visiting my hub.

      JonRhodesUK, thank's for your explanation and nice comment :)

    • JonRhodesUK profile image

      JonRhodesUK 8 years ago

      Yes it is very important to stress that hypnosis is a natural state of mind that most of us slip into several times a day. It is the state of mind where you are totally engrossed in a book or the TV that you are unaware of things that go on around you. It is the state of mind where you drive for several miles and don't remember a thing. You are still fully in control and can snap out of this any time you choose. If an incident occurs on the road when driving, you will instantly snap out of this state of mind and deal with it appropriately. Good post!

    • Lgali profile image

      Lgali 9 years ago

      very informative hub