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Updated on February 6, 2012
The Healer
The Healer


When I am asked what I do, I respond, “I am a healer.” That is what I do. My ancestors did it, many I surround myself with now do it.

I use my mind, my energy and mostly my connection to Spirit to do the work I promised to do before I jumped into this life. But, I am clear that I am conducting the healing. As a musical conductor brings all the right musicians together in harmony in order to create a cohesive and beautiful sound, I bring all the right energies together to encourage a specific healing.

I have “exchanged” my entire life to become the healer that I am today – and will be tomorrow. I was not always conscious of this promise; the first 40 years of my life were heavily front-loaded with struggle and emotional pain. When I “woke up” to my choice to serve as a healer, I began to take steps to cultivate and refine my natural abilities. I spent a great deal of time in meditation, with a mentor and in practice. The exchange (or price I paid) even included a dissolved marriage.

I share this with you not in regret, but to make the point that we all pay a price for our gifts in one way or another. We earn the right to love, heal, teach… in other words, to share our gifts.

For some time now, I’ve noticed many spiritual/energy workers seem hesitant to assert that they, themselves are the actual healer. I see struggle with what feels “right”, finding it difficult to claim God-given abilities, much less charge an appropriate fee in exchange for services.

Consider this: Electricity is free, however, if you want it to stream into your home or place of business and into your electrical outlet, you must pay the expert who spent great time and money learning how to deliver it to you in this manner. If you are the expert, I encourage you to proudly ask for an equal exchange of energy.

The learning never ends; my healing abilities continue to grow with my continued commitment to claim my gift.

Let us all be proud of who we are, what we have to offer the world and of our ability to keep the energy flowing in a loving, harmonious manner.

Connie Stewart, Intuitive Profiler, Medium, Speaker and Writer is available for private sessions in person or by phone by appointment only. Through Intuitive Profiling, Connie identifies and cuts unhealthy energetic cords. Releasing these negative energetic connections allows you to function at a higher vibrational frequency.

Connie is also available for space clearing, corporate keynote presentations and group sessions.

619-573-5927 ~


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