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I HAVE MRSA, NOW WHAT? Stye, boil & infection

Updated on January 17, 2016
One of the styes
One of the styes

My Story

My story started after the c-section birth of my fifth child.

My scar burst open and started oozing all types of nasty pus and infection. I immediately called my doctor and was told to clean it everyday with peroxide and a clean bandage. I was also given an antibiotic.

My infection cleared and all was well, or so I thought.

About a month later I started getting a painful stye in my eye. I threw away my make-up and the stye cleared only to receive another one in the other eye about 2 weeks later. This saga continued until I had gotten a total of 9 to 10 styes in both eyes over a course of 6 months. I finally went to the drop-in clinic and was given an eye ointment antibiotic to use for 7 days.

The styes cleared and about two weeks later a boil started on my chin. The boil became very painful and turned into about 3 boils. I immediately went to another drop-in clinic and told the Doctor about my saga.

She lanced 3 boils and noticed about 2 more forming. She also decided to swab me to test for MRSA after hearing my story.

I was then given a prescription for pain, an antibiotic cream for the boils and an antibiotic pill to treat MRSA.

I returned 2 days later for a follow-up and was given two antibiotic shots in the hip and in about 4 hours I already noticed a difference and was feeling much better.

I was told to clean my entire body and the infected areas with Dial antibacterial soap, keep applying the cream to my boils and keep therm covered. I was also to continue the antibiotic I was currently on.

My test results came back and I did have the MRSA strand of bacteria.

I asked what I needed to do:

  1. Continue bathing/washing with the dial anti-bacterial soap
  2. Wash hands often
  3. At anytime that I have a cut or another boil I am to clean it and keep it covered as to not to infect anyone else or contaminate the opening
  4. If the cut or wound does not heal in a reasonable amount of time- go to the doctor and explain that I have had MRSA infections previously

MRSA is not usually dangerous to a normally healthy individual - it most dangerous to an infant or an elderly person of whoms immune system is weakened.


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    • profile image

      Melody 5 years ago

      i have had MRSA in my eye. it started a lot like yours and would return every 2 weeks. luckily it is only in one eye. they put me on doxycycline and it went away for a month then returned. then i was put on clindomyosin and it went away for a month and now seems as if it is returning again. i am allergic to penicillins and sulfa. i want this to go away as it scares me. are you better now? i know bactrim is a sulfa drug. i am also taking fresh garlic by mouth in hopes to help clear this up.

    • profile image

      becky 6 years ago

      i just wanted to write in and inform everybody of something called phenomenal water.. go to your struggle with mrsa is over.. believe me.. don't put up with doctors and antibiotics anymore.. there is hope.. go to and order ph water to lower the acidity of your body.. that is why the mrsa wont go away.. i was unable to find any useful information on the internet for years.. and then one day by chance i stumbled upon this life changing information..

    • profile image

      vishali 6 years ago

      Hi...I think it is been 3 years you got this infection. How are you doing now? My famiky has started the battle with MRSA 3 months ago.

    • Just Toyia profile image

      Just Toyia 9 years ago from Tennessee

      HI Regina-

      My first trip before my culture came back positive they did treat me with Bactrim, pills and ointment-that helped my boils to open up and start clearing up- when I went back they gave me 2 shots of something that started with a "C" and I can't remember it's full name but it was almost like immediate relief!

      I hope he heals well!

    • Just Toyia profile image

      Just Toyia 9 years ago from Tennessee

      Thanks Flutterbug77.......I'm just hoping I have seen the worst of it......I know of some that have not made it through this easy!

    • flutterbug77 profile image

      flutterbug77 9 years ago from USA

      Oh, I am so sorry to read about your ordeal. Your hub will bring to light this medical condition.