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I Hate to Walk

Updated on October 5, 2017

I'm fairly lazy

Hate is a very strong emotion so let’s just say my least favorite thing in the world to do is walk, especially long distances. It’s very tiring and at the end of the walk I’m always ready for a good nap. After four or five miles of trudging along, some major body part usually needs immediate attention so walking is really not something I can look forward to. I’m a fairly lazy individual who would rather do nothing all day. Than why am I the organizer of a walking group that walks all over Long Island? I ask myself that question every time I post a new walking event on my web site which is usually four times a week. The answer always comes back “because it’s good for you”. Walking is good for your health. There’s no getting around it.

There are many excuses you can put forward for not walking. It’s too cold, it’s too hot, I feel a sore throat coming on, it looks like rain, there’s actually something good on TV, I’m tired, I can’t fit through the doorway. All good and legitimate sounding excuses but never the less, just excuses. If I miss a walk I’m consumed with guilt. I have trouble living with myself. This shame is what keeps me walking. You too may need something to help motivate you to get off the couch and put one foot in front of the other. Whether it’s guilt or fear or what ever, just use it to stay active.

The walking group that I walk with also helps to motivate me. There is definitely power in numbers. Walking with a group large or small aides in walking longer distances. You may think you aren’t able to walk four or five miles but when you’re walking while talking with others the miles just fly by. Of course you’ll still be tired afterwards but it’s a dry tired as opposed to a moist tired. There was a time when no one walked just for exercise; they walked out of necessity, it was a major form of transportation. In those days there were very few obese people. You had to plop down $5 at the circus to see one. Now you just have to visit a McBurgerWendyKing.

Since I started walking with a group I’ve logged close 4,000 miles which is about the distance from New York City, to California and back. Not too shabby for a lazy guy with only a guilty conscience as a motivator. Oh yes, I also use a photo of a fat old guy as an inspiration. He’s brazenly standing on a beach, hands on hips, his belly bulging out over a Speedo bathing suit. It’s my back-up plan when shame just isn’t enough to stir me into action the photo never fails. I’ve got a good imagination and I can easily picture my head on that fat guy’s body, no need for Photoshop.

There are those who say that after a good walk they’re exhilarated and they feel the adrenalin flowing through their bodies. I’m still waiting for that feeling; actually I feel just the opposite, but I do get the feeling of accomplishment and that’s enough of a high to keep me walking.

Comments greatly appreciated.

©2012 Lee Zett


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    • Leesleez profile image

      Leesleez 5 years ago from New York

      I also walked a long distance when I was young but I was forced into it by the 60's N.Y. blackout. I had to walk from Chamber St. in N.Y.C to Flushing Queens.

    • Glenn Stok profile image

      Glenn Stok 5 years ago from Long Island, NY

      No need for Photoshop when one walks 5 or 6 miles a day. That's for sure. I also enjoy walks of that length and I intend to keep it up as the years go by. When I was in my 20's I walked 18 miles in one day. I guess those days are gone. But like you said, 5 or 6 miles is no sweat. You'll just be dry tired at the end. Well said.

    • Leesleez profile image

      Leesleez 5 years ago from New York

      Thanks Rutley and Loren for your positive feed back.

    • loren866 profile image

      loren866 5 years ago

      I applaud to this story cause I know for me that I need to walk out of necessity too. I definitely would feel a guilty conscious if I don't walk. I actually love walking and I have since I was a teenager. I enjoy the fresh air and I do a lot of thinking while I walk so cleaning out the mind is very healthy. I plan things out in my head when I walk. I also love when I am walking with a group such as your walking group and it feels great. You get to walk and talk about anything and time just flies by so fast. You can walk about 6 miles and if you are enjoying it and enjoying the company, then why fight it. You feel the adrenaline pumping away after you finish a very healthy walk. As you keep walking, you build up stamina and speed and it feels so good. It is definitely a feeling of accomplisment afterwards. I never like to just walk a straight line. I always feel satisfied when I walk a huge circle or a big square. I am not crazy about high school tracks but walking around parks, wooded areas, and even neigborhoods are nice. I love the nature. It is a great story and no matter how tired you are after a walk, you know you accomplished something so great and then you can treat yourself to a nice meal or even desert. Your story was fun to read and I enjoyed it and it was good stuff. Get off that couch and don't make any excuses so keep on walking. As crazy as it is, I have walked through 2 feet of snow and it was a great feeling too so don't let the weather bother you unless it was very icy. Over all, walking is very good for you physically, mentally and emotionally. So, thumbs up all the way. This walking story is totally up my alley.


    • rutley profile image

      rutley 5 years ago from South Jersey

      Good stuff! Enjoyed it! Welcome!