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I Have Forward Head Posture - HELP!...

Updated on March 27, 2015

What is Forward Head Posture?

Forward Head Posture of Forward Head Carriage is when the head is noticeably forward in relation to the rest of the body.

How Did This Come About?


An accident or injury

Continued activity or positioning that your body got used too.

What Does Forward Head Look Like?

Forward Head Carriage Explained

Notice the ear forward of the shoulder; the neck spine is often straight (basically it's lost the normal curve), the shoulder tend to roll forward, and the head will tilt upward independent of the neck to look straight.

The eyes always stay in line with the horizon, so on top of a neck that juts out you will actually have another postural misalignment too - the head will tilt upward...

We've talked about the shoulders rolling forward, but we may also hyper-lordosis or extension of the lumbar spine to tilt the eyes and head upward too.

Forward Head and Neck Survey -

Do you do activities that contribute to forward head?

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Good Posture at theCcomputer!

Most people I see don't maintain good posture at the computer!
Most people I see don't maintain good posture at the computer!

Maintain Good Computer Posture

You can see at this point, the ear primarily lines up with the front of the shoulder, the head is upright, upper back is straight, monitor is at a good view height and distance, arms and hands are in a comfortable typing position, and the feet and hands appear resting straight on the floor.

Over time this position may fail, and we simply need to "take a brake". (In other words - Get up and move around!)

Is Forward Head The Most Common Postural Misalignment?

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The "Chicken Head"

Here Is The Chicken Neck or Head

In the video she also described head retraction exercises to help correct forward head posture.

Poor Posture Over Time

As years go on...
As years go on...

Head Retraction Exercises

Glide the Head back as if on a track
Glide the Head back as if on a track

Tech Neck

Many of us may be guilty of this too often
Many of us may be guilty of this too often

Utilize This Exercise To Rid You Of Forward Head!

Head Retraction Exercises are very good to help get rid of forward head carriage. Here's how to do them:

I like to utilize a mirror just to see my neck a bit. Basically imagine your head being on a track that goes front to back. Your head is slid forward a bit and we want to slide it back. Remember that visualizing the head and neck from the side, the ear is lined up with the front of the shoulders.

You are going to slide the head back, hold for 5 seconds and relax. Repeat this motion 10-20 times.


  • tilt the head up or down
  • continue doing if you are really sore
  • move the rest of your body

List of Musts To Fix Your Neck Posture

To Do:
When/How often?
Head Retraction Exercise
At Home, In Car, etc
1-3x per day
Get Adjusted
See a Chiropractor
per his/her recomm.
Watch Your Posture
Mirror, photo, etc
as much as possible
True Neck Traction
Posture Pump 1000
10-15 min per day
Quick List of Forward Head Correction To Do's

Looking Bad Is The Least Of The Problems...

Let's face it, no one likes the look of forward head, any noticeable bad posture for that matter. The bodies nervous system is of major concern since it is the main control center for everything we do. Your neck spine is especially important because it is that much closer to the brain.

Even more activity occurs here, and part of the brain (the brain stem) actually goes down into the cervical spine. We are talking millions of reactions happening in milliseconds. Really, we have only scratched the surface when it comes to fully understanding the brain. So let's just acknowledge that and do whatever we can to keep our central nervous system working as best as possible.

Another Head Retraction Exercise Video

Instructions for Head Retraction Exercises

Glide you head straight back (retracting the head) almost as if on a track going anterior to the posterior. Hold the head in the retracted position.

This is a Dowager's Hump

Notice the"hump on the back"
Notice the"hump on the back"

Do You Have A Big Hump?

Do you sometimes feel like Egor, or the hunchback of Notre Dame? This is actually slightly different. They had a scoliosis (that's an accentuated curvature of the spine looking at it from the anterior or posterior. It cause what we call "rib humping". When we have a big curve the spine rotates too. Since the ribs attach to the sides of the thoracic vertebrae, when we turn or rotate the spine, the ribs are turned too.

Now, these guys may have this mainly, but I know they had forward head so they probably had some humping looking from the lateral or side view too. That's what I'm referring to here; that big ole hump that starts to form at the very base of the neck. As you can imagine, when the head and shoulders pull forward so does the upper back spine, this is the "hump" I'm referring to.

Are You Guilty of This?

Is all my extra time on the phone and computer contributing to Forward Head?

See results

Normal Neck XRay

Normal Alignment of Vertebrae (C curve)
Normal Alignment of Vertebrae (C curve)

A Normal X-Ray of the Neck

Take a look at this lateral cervical x-ray. Notice how the backs of all the vertebral bodies line up to make a nice "C".

Do You Have A Reversal of the Normal "C" Curve

Cervical Kyhosis
Cervical Kyhosis

This is a Reversed Curve

We may get a "C" here but it's in the wrong direction. Imagine that spinal cord with its nerve branches, all relaxed in the first picture, being pulled taut in the opposite direction. That's what's happening here. When someone has a cervical kyphosis (curve towards the front of the body) or a military neck (completely straight).

A Military Neck

Notice how this neck is complteley straight
Notice how this neck is complteley straight


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    • CatherineGiordano profile image

      Catherine Giordano 2 years ago from Orlando Florida

      I spend all day hunched over a computer. Thanks for your suggestions for exercise. voted up ++