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I Need Motivation! Change Your Life With A Single Thought.

Updated on April 28, 2014
It is your life....create it!
It is your life....create it!

Are you in a slump? It happens, but you can get out of it…in seconds!

And I will prove it to you.

Try this. Close your eyes and imagine you are sucking on a lemon. A really long suck of lemony bitterness. OK, now your mouth is salivating, isn’t it? That is because your body doesn’t know the difference between what is real and what is just a thought. It will react to a thought just as much as it will react to a real life situation.

Try this. Close your eyes and imagine you are on a beautiful tropical beach lying on a comfy recliner. There is a lovely breeze and the sounds of the surf and the birds are the perfect backdrop. You have something long and cool to drink beside you and your body has that glowing, sun kissed feeling. OK, your body relaxed a little didn’t it? Maybe you even had a little smile of your face. That is because your body believed what you told it, i.e.; you are at the beach, comfortable and relaxed.

Here is one more. Close your eyes and remember or imagine the hottest sex you ever had. Go ahead, it’s your mind! Did your body react? Yes? Ok, now get your mind out of the gutter and pay attention!

Thoughts Are Powerful

Sometimes we manipulate our minds and bodies on purpose for entertainment. Remember a fast paced, scary movie you saw, say Fatal Attraction? Remember how your pulse raced and your breathing became shallow, as if you were the one being obsessed over by Glen Close? You knew it was just a movie, nothing real about it, but your body just trusted that whatever you put in your brain was real, and so the adrenaline started pumping.

That is how powerful your thoughts are. According to The Laboratory of Nuero Imaging, we have about seventy thousand thoughts a day. That is a lot of internal chatter. The good news is, our thoughts are ours to control, or not. If you choose the “or not” option, then your head will still be full of thoughts, however you will be the victim of what your default thought process is and we all know that they will be mostly negative. They will replay past events, complain, gossip and be full of unpleasant things like greed, worry, need, fear, anxiety and on and on they will go, chattering away, seventy thousand times a day, and that will be your experience of life.

Take Charge of Your Thoughts

So how do you control your thoughts, and therefore make life what you want it to be? You make it a habit, by constantly reminding your self to replace your old ,miserable default thinking with pleasant, life affirming thoughts. Habits take a while to form, but with a little concentration you can become aware of your mind chatter and take control of it. Below I am going to give you some excellent resources to help you on your way, but here are a few quick tips I have found useful.

First and foremost, be very careful about the people you surround yourself with. Seek out positive, upbeat people and try to spend time with them. Avoid the whiners and complainers and naysayers. They are easy to spot and would be all too happy to fill your head with their pessimism. Being alone is much better than having these Negative Nellies draining your energy.

Set The Mood For Your Day

Mornings are very important in setting the mood for the day. When you first open your eyes, tell yourself how great you feel, even if you don’t, because remember how your body will respond to whatever you tell it. When you first go to the washroom, take a second and give yourself a great big smile in the mirror and wish yourself a good morning. Think you will feel silly doing that? It’s ok, there is only you and the mirror and your life is all about you, so go ahead. GOOD MORNING! As you get ready for the day, a sure powered way to jump start your new positive self is to remind yourself, in great detail, all you have to be grateful for. No matter how small it is, mention it to yourself. Even better write it, down and start a gratitude journal. Don’t let any complaints sink in. Notice and appreciate all the wonderful things in your life from the big ones like family and friends, to the smaller ones, like the coffee you are drinking and the toast you are eating.

Easy Reminders

As your day goes by, you can give yourself little reminders to pay attention to the quality of your thoughts. Set your computer or cell phone alarm to go off every hour, and when it does, take a few seconds and fine tune your thinking. Leave little sticky notes with messages you write to yourself on your bathroom mirror, or at your work space. Wear a ring or other piece of jewellery you usually don’t, and every time you notice it, check in on your thinking. Buy yourself a little gift, say a flower, and put it where you will notice it during the day, and every time you become aware of it, listen to what is going through your head at that moment. As you do these things you will catch yourself being aware of what your thoughts are telling you. Don’t let yourself feel frustrated about those negative thoughts showing up again, that is just more default thinking. Just let them go, and purposefully replace them with affirming and optimistic thoughts.

Sometimes it can be difficult to come up with positive thoughts if you are in the grip of fear or disappointment. It is good to be prepared for these situations. Here is a little trick that should help. Take a little time one day, when you are feeling good, and write out some great one liners about yourself. Cut them up into little notes and carry them in your wallet. Then when the gloomies hit and you can’t seem to shake them, simply take a note and concentrate on it. Remember how you felt when you wrote it. The notes can say anything you like as long as they are uplifting to you.

Self Notes

Here are some examples.

I am a wonderful, kind and loving person.

I have a deadly sense of humour.

I am intelligent, creative and am making a terrific life for myself.

You get the idea. You know better than anyone else what compliments or affirmations you need to hear, so be your own best friend and tell yourself. You could even write out affirmations about your goals. Such as, “My work as a writer is becoming better everyday and I will soon have a book deal”.

Resources To Help You

The whole idea is to just become aware of what you are telling yourself. And once you are aware, those nasty yappy,voices lose all power over you, for you will see them for what they are, just thoughts. So go ahead, fill you mind with whatever makes you happy. Your body will follow right along with you. You health, stress level and motivation will all improve.

Now here are some amazing websites, videos, books and other resources. There are lots out there, and there are lots of like minded people out there. I suggest you bookmark this article or anything else that motivates you and make sure you check back often. Remember, you are making positive thinking your new habit, your new default brain chatter, and repetition is how to create a good habit. Believe in yourself, be your own best friend, and take the time to create everything you want out of life. See that last sentence? Repeat. And repeat.

There is a section below where you can leave comments (you don’t have to sign in, just leave a comment and it will show up as a guest comment.) If you have a positive quote to share, that would be great. Or do you have a story about how motivation worked for you? I would love to hear it!

Winning Is A Habit!

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