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I Wrote This Piece All Alone -- Without Any Assistants

Updated on February 11, 2019
kenneth avery profile image

Kenneth is a rural citizen of Hamilton, Ala., and has begun to observe life and certain things and people helping him to write about them.

Health care Professionals know their work so well, but the "watching" is hard for me to understand.
Health care Professionals know their work so well, but the "watching" is hard for me to understand. | Source

For Years Now

I have had one lingering question (among many). It's a simple question. A question if answered, will NOT cause any riff or ripple in the History of the United States or our world as it were. Just a simple question aimed at no one certain person or group--just me, one person, asking one question and this is it: how would our world be without any Assistants at all?

What did our forefathers (and mothers) do when they were forging their homes into our country and just their families to help--cut the trees, built the log cabins, and sow the land? They did it. No help wanted, but there was those cases with one wilderness family had some sort of crisis, but the family wasn't help enough, so they hopped onto a speedy horse and rode to the nearest wilderness family for "assistants" to help them through the crisis.

The same can be said for our country when we began to grow. But with the prosperity came more products being made by employees with bosses, but one day, the factory owners noticed that their bosses alone were experiencing something called "burn-out," and the hands couldn't meet the demands for produce being made, so guess who came to the rescue? Certainly not Super-man, but an Assistant who helped the bosses dig themselves out of the "Burn-out Hole" that they had dug for themselves thus sealing the job security for the Assistants.

It Wasn't Long Until

everyone had Assistants. Even the Assistants had to have Assistants to get the workload finished each week, so the argument for Assistants can be said for the (alleged) "Pro-Assistants Group" who make sure that every Assistant who is a worthy Assistant can get up each day and know that their job will be secure no matter what crisis come up.

Before I share my personal (alleged) "Anti-Assistants Group," let me just ask you one question: are high schools, trade schools and colleges being given Assistant Classes? I have to be honest. I do not know, but I would wager that somewhere, somehow, America's Assistants are being trained and hired to keep America strong and prospering--and yes, the Assistants are also found in all branches of our Military and you have the Chain of Command going down from General to the lowest G.I. who, if you didn't know better would say that these guys and gals are the Military's Assistants and you would be right

Assistants are non-discrimitive because they come in all National Origins, Colors, Political (and Faith) Affiliations and somehow all of them make things work and work smoothly. We, the American people owe a lot to our Assistants who help America keep on rolling.

Now For a Personal Story

about a Medical Doctor (M.D.), the late Hobson Mansco and Medical Specialist, Dr. J. Cline Boldin, Birmingham, Ala., of the then-Birmingham Pediatrics. My family doctor, Hobson Manasco, helped bring me into the world (and for the good or bad) I stand here humble and glad to have known Dr. Manasco because when my wife was first pregnant with our daughter, he discovered that my wife had developed Toxic Poisoning that if not treated could lead to her and our unborn daughter's life.

Dr. Manasco sent her to Dr. J. Cline Boldin, and he took the case and long story short, helped my wife bring Angie, our only daughter to the world and I thank God for these doctors and nurses of both offices, but even with all of the great news .there is ONE question: when we received Dr. Boldin's bill, there was the usual--medicines; studies, etc., and this one: Dr. Felicia Gilliland, $500.00, for Assisting Dr. Boldin during the birth of our daughter.

$500.00? For what? I asked my wife showing her the bill. I noticed that there was nothing next to her name. Nothing. I mean, I am not a cheap skate, but I want to know what I am paying for . . .is that too much to ask?

So in further questioning, I asked Dr. Boldin's Pediatrics Clinic bookkeeper and asked her (in these words), "I see that there was (a) Dr. Felicia Gilliland who "assisted" Dr. Boldin in helping my wife give birth to our daughter and her charges was $500.00 and I asked "what for?"

The bookkeeper replied, " for being in the Delivery Room and 'watching' Dr. Boldin."

"Watching?" I said quite heated.

"True, Mr. Avery. Watching," I said.

"Is this legal, I mean she performed no medical work or anything and my insurance company is sending her $500.00, is this right?" I added.

"Quite right. Dr Gilliland is available at the clinic to 'watch' the Peditricians and Surgeons in the performance of their work," the bookkeeper explained.

"Just for watching?" I said knowing that I had lost the argument.

So . . .if I can be of any Assistance in Watching Any hubber who wants me in producing their hub, just let me know and I can assure you that my charges will be around $50.00 and lunch, a far cry from Dr. Gilliland's thirty pieces of silver.

February 11, 2019____________________________________

Today, there is NO discrimination with the Health care of America. A female or male can "watch" and learn just like the pro's.
Today, there is NO discrimination with the Health care of America. A female or male can "watch" and learn just like the pro's. | Source

© 2019 Kenneth Avery


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