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5 Tips To Get Your Groove Back

Updated on October 2, 2015
InspiringWriter profile image

As a published author and playwrite now based in China Ava blogs across various platforms.


Getting Going

I have to admit it took me a while to gather together the energy to write this article.

Napping for forty-five minutes or slouching on the sofa watching television for an hour or two was much more appealing.

Now this is the point where I'm supposed to say that I fought against my lazy urges, listened to my higher self and started writing, but, that would be lying.

The truth is I gave in by lounging around for another 30 minutes or so, partly with my eyes shut, before putting bottom to chair, fingers to keyboard and typing.

My inertia was caused by plain old tiredness. My plain old tiredness was caused by working too hard and eating badly.

I've become really lazy over the past few weeks and replaced fresh fruits, nuts and vegetables with processed nonsense and now my body is paying the price. My usually sharp mind is sluggish.

I'm not the world's fittest person, far from it, but I feel as though I'm operating on four cylinders instead of eight. Getting going from a seated position requires a lot more effort, dedication and determination.

Time to Make a Change

It's hay-fever season and being in the sun for more than thirty minutes brings out symptoms that have me running for cover.

I know that with a better diet I could enjoy the sun as opposed to half-dreading it.

Today is the day that I have decided to make a change.

Enough is enough.

I want back the energised, vital, active mind and body that I used to have until I took it forgranted. So I will be making a change from now on.

If you've been going through a similar experience, here's some tips on how we can do it together. I'd love to know how you get on.

Happy and Healthy
Happy and Healthy | Source

Tip Number 1 - Eat More Fast Food.

Food that's portable, easy to find when you're on the go and easy to dispose of.

It's filled with all the good stuff including the water which our bodies crave from eating so much dehydrated food.

This particular fast food is commonly known as apples, oranges and many other citrus fruits.

Include raw veggies such as carrots, cucumbers, tomatoes and your own favourites too.

Don't forget the huge variety of nuts and seeds too, great brain food.

Fast Food Without the Calories
Fast Food Without the Calories

Tip Number 2 - Have a Drink or Two or Three.

Scientists and other really clever people have decided that we need at least eight glasses of water a day.

I have no idea what this is based on, I don't think that they've ever said.

Does a slim, tiny person need as much water as a three hundred pound person? Do women need as much water as men? Who knows?

What size of glass are they referring to? Small, medium, large, extra large? They never put a picture next to the reports.

Maybe we don't need to know the scientific details, after all why would a complete stranger know more about what your body needs than you do?

It's a given that we need water and also that most of today's diets don't include enough of it, so, drink more. Follow your body's signals as to how much more.

If you're not feeling more alert within a day or two, take that as a sign that you're not drinking enough, increase your intake and reap the benefits.

Delicious and Natural Healthy Drinks
Delicious and Natural Healthy Drinks | Source

Tip Number 3 - Follow Popeye's Example (and I don't mean beating up your enemy)

There was a a reason that he was so crazy about the green stuff and it wasn't just to attract Olive Oyl.

Popeye probably felt the immediate boost that a shot of chorolphyl filled green food (spinach, leafy greens, kale, broccoli etc) gave him.

Juiced greens are like an injection of nutrients, vitamins, enzymes and liquid sunshine. They're a great way to start the day or you could have one when you get home from work.

Either way, your body will love it. If you're not keen on juicing, then add a salad to every meal, even the less healthy ones like pizza.

Once you start you won't want to stop. It's addictive, but in a good way.

Spinach - a superfood
Spinach - a superfood

Tip Number 4 - Shake Your Groove Thing

I am convinced that my settee has a built-in grip that stops me from moving for several hours.

This built in grip also causes butt-spread, fat growth and general un-fitness (new word!), but my settee has got away with it's evil ways for far too long.

Join me as we embrace the new 'movement.'

It involves finding something that you like and doing it, often, every day, in fact every time you feel like succumbing to the built-in settee grip.

What do you enjoy?

Zumba? Sports? Some sort of aerobic activity?

Do it. Just ten minutes for today, then maybe more tomorrow.

In two weeks time you could easily be moving for thirty minutes, several times a week, feeling great and not even noticing the effort.

Shake it, baby shake it!
Shake it, baby shake it!

Tip Number 5 - Appreciate What You Have.

Your body always does the best it can despite how it's treated so show it some love.

  • Pamper it with a massage or a long walk in green fields while inhaling fresh air.
  • Give it a nice hair-do and what about some fresh make-up?
  • Buy creams, lotions and bath salts that give new meaning to the word 'rejuvenate.'
  • Check your fingernails and your toe-nails; could they do with a lift? Oblige them.
  • Give your body the royal treatment inside and out, make it feel.....appreciated, valued, loved, respected, worthwhile.

See, there's nothing in these few tips that's hard, not really.

Let's see how we can improve our bodies and general well-being from now on.


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    • InspiringWriter profile imageAUTHOR

      Ava Ming 

      3 years ago from Shenzhen, China

      That's what I do; occasionally guzzle!

    • B. Leekley profile image

      Brian Leekley 

      3 years ago from Bainbridge Island, Washington, USA

      Search on: 8 glasses of water myth. Drink when thirsty. When I worked as a restaurant dish washer, occasionally guzzling water from my water bottle boosted my energy.

    • normskismith profile image


      6 years ago

      The right diet is a major factor and contributes to your energy levels and the way you feel. I found that out last year when I had a health scare which freaked me out, but before the results came in I went through all the illness symptoms simply because of receiving the news, the way I was thinking, but most important my diet. I had to change my diet, drink more water and eat more fruits and veg and the results are second to none. Great hub - very useful.

    • Bedbugabscond profile image

      Melody Trent 

      6 years ago from United States

      I know I am doing all of the wrong things. I just thought it was me being lazy. Then I realized how many hours a day I work, that I find the time to take my kids places and play with them and my house is clean...ish.

      I just wish I had more time! That is the one thing I can never save. I am tired, and worst of all, I look tired. People notice the big black bags under my eyes, which I don't even have time to slap makeup on!


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