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I am a woman not a 12 year little girl. Don't push upon me waxing where I don't want to.

Updated on December 19, 2014

I don't and don't think I really have too.

I don't use wax anyway.

The older I get, the sillier I see things like beauty routine women do.

I very rarely hear about beauty routine from men but it seems more like women have way more to do then men to keep up with appearances in a daily routine.

Well I am not talking working out this time, I am talking about beauty routines and the whole "wax" thing.

I do not wax nothing.

I shave.

I remember when before a woman at a place where I had gotten pedicures said she would do a nice job on my eyebrows with wax. She did a nice job on my eyebrows all right. They were barely visible over two years.

Now if how the wax felt on my eyebrows, do you think I really want to apply was anywhere else on my body?

Another thing is, why is that women have to conform and think they have to have a certain way down below like either like a 12 year old little girl or a stripper line and have it all yanked out?

Maybe I am old school and if women do it, it is their business and not my own, BUT I am a woman and I don't want to look like a little tiny 12 year old down there.

All these beauty routines that women do to achieve this perfect look down there has me very squeamish and believe me I watch the craziest horror movies and action flicks.

It is totally understandable to try and be clean and take care of ourselves with showers and such, but to yank out in certain areas with hot wax or any type of wax no way. I have never done that and I never will.

Guys say they want a real woman, but they complain if a woman is more natural in a woman kind of way.

I mean how many men out there go to wax salons and have wax put down there and have hair yanked off?

Why is that women are shunned a little bit if we have wrinkles and such, when there is botox shots to help smooth the lines?

I have never done botox and never will and I have some lines.

My body is not perfect and there is parts of my body that are uneven and imperfect.

I have little tiny scars and other imperfection.

I use to not like my nose, and I have a whole line that goes done my face and their is a split in the middle of my nose that doesn't make it round like alot of other woman and i have thought of getting it trimmed to make it look round, BUT as I looked in the mirror in the past and tried to hid the split in my nose to look like everyone else and then even though it would only be part of my nose, it seems like it would change the whole shape of my face.

No seriously. I was thinking ok, I do that to my nose, I have to do this to there and this to that on my face and my neck. Do you see how society start programming in my mind? I started looking and wanted to change my whole face, now isn't that scary and that would all started with a nose job.

You know I know it is a little bit of understandable a little something here and there maybe for women to get done, But when do we really accept ourselves as ourselves?

Why are women so condemning of ourselves when we are our own worse enemies?

Gee, wonder how I know this? Because I condemned myself with everything about my body and because I have been told be a few guys that I wasn't beautiful enough for them, I started thinking for the longest time, oh my god, I am ugly, I am so ugly like the elephant man.

I thought of myself of being distorted like the elephant.

That is what started taking over my thinking and thought I am very ugly and I need plastic surgery to change my whole body.

But believe it or not, my way of thinking really had changed.

Basically I was so sick of worrying what society or anything thought of my looks.

I am a functioning human being, work a full time job, pay my own bills and take care of myself and no one else does.

It really doesn't matter what anyone says about my looks, because I take care of my business and do my own thing.

I can't worry what a guy or anyone thinks when I hear so much that women need to take care of themselves down there and pull it all out in order to look like a woman.

I am so sick of that.

I am not some 12 year old little boy and I don't go showing off to the world, where indeed I believe the most personal part of my body will be only shown to a man I will fall in love with and even indeed this is something that sounds old fashioned, then I'm old fashioned.

Once again, I am not going to sit back and condemn what other women do in their own lives, because once again it is none of my business.

But I am so tired of hearing people come at me that women need to take it all off down there, when in fact I seriously do not care to look like a 12 year old little girl.

I am a woman, and I have a little bit of stretch marks, scars and uneven parts of my body and well I don't have to be around anyone that can take me for being myself and feeling comfortable with myself.

I am not saying that I am old, I just too darn old to care what people think and am happy that I live the life I live.

The life I live life is mine.


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  • Shelly Nun-Chucks profile image

    Shelly NunChucks Ninja 3 years ago from worldwide

    I think and I believe to each their and have enough time carrying about myself, but when people keep pushing upon ideas especially on my own body, I am the one that lives with my body and no one else.

  • peachpurple profile image

    peachy 3 years ago from Home Sweet Home

    i shave too with the hair shaver, waxing must be hot and sticky

  • Shelly Nun-Chucks profile image

    Shelly NunChucks Ninja 3 years ago from worldwide

    thank you

  • Lori P. profile image

    Lori Phillips 3 years ago from Southern California USA

    {{{standing and applauding}}}. Well said.