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I choose to become a vegetarian.

Updated on August 20, 2015

Changes can be good and maybe healthier.

Not choosing to eat the flesh of animals.

Tonight, after I came home from the gym, I studied more and more about animals.

I can not re-post the videos I see, put it this way, they are just way too graphic and they are very hard to watch.

I watch with tears in my eyes watching the abuse of animals and what these very tight closed pens the animals are squished in (and I don't mean free range), but places that over stuff animals and the handlers are so very cruel to the animals, even the baby animals.

Now I seriously am not someone who is going to sit and tell people how to live their lives or what they should not put in their bodies, well a lot of junk food is not healthy but you should get what I mean.

I am just someone that looked at the truth of a lot of places where animals are so neglected, just because they are a source of food and where they live and end their lives is so horrific I just sit and wonder why these animals were born in the first place.

Yes, I know. People could say that we are on the top of the food chain and we are born carnvoires and such, which I will not argue about, but is it really necessary to over stuff places for animals like pigs where they can not turn around in their pens and just either end up banging their head against the bars from madness of not being able to hardly move?

How is that a life, even for a short time?

I won't even go into detail what happens to the little piglets, and let us just say it really bad.

Imagine even with cows and their young being ripped apart from their mothers, and they are not treated right and some calves actually die in the stalls.

How human really are we? Sometimes it seems we are more animals than animals themselves.

Of course there are free range places where animals are treated better.

I know people will argue and say that animals do not have souls, but any of us that have had animals in our lives, have we not ever felt a bond and connection with our pets and considered them our family?

I study more and more and once again, I can not come to post the videos and images because they are way too graphic and I just could not let myself post the videos I see of undercover people that film these videos which show how animals are treated.

Though there is much abuse to even domestic family pets that happen a lot too.

I can not really live and think that I should have to kill a living thing, in order for me to survive.

I once was a vegetarian for two years, quite awhile back and do not know why I stopped.

So I recently started to become a vegetarian again.

Yes, I do know that our body does need a good source of protein and so far I have found a tofu brand that is going easy on my stomach and I actually enjoy in which I do not even have to cook it.

Once again, I truly understand, that with not eating any meat I would have to consume protein as if I was eating meat.

I feel as though quite possible this is also some sort of spiritual thing too.

I think we are all connected, all living things one way or another.

Anyone that has known me and very close to me knows how much I truly love animals.

Animals have always been part of my life and I think I will always be surrounded by animals.

Even the tiniest creatures like ferrets and little tiny birds, I could not think of any harm come to them.

I am not sure what else I could help or change anything in this world when it comes to animals, for I am just one person and would good could really one person do?

I also do understand human beings are living souls too and thus I have started a charity of my own and started collecting money and get food and try to pass it out around places where I live with people on the street.

So yes all living beings, whether humans or animals matter.

I have had a connection more with animals though and think maybe because animals seem to give us this bond and connection that is unspoiled and animals love us unconditionally.

As much as I do research with these videos with animals in the world, what good is it to already know all about it and yet can not figure out how much more I can do in this world, where I am sure pretty much right now as I am a nice comfortable bed there is much suffering of animals crying out in the night.

All the baby animals crying for their mothers why being torn from them and they aren't really that old.

Once again, I honestly do not know how much I can do in this world when it comes to helping.

Maybe it is a start with becoming a vegetarian but the reality is how much can person seriously do?

I hope in time I can figure out more ways in this world how to help and to give more for animals.

I know people are going to think I am straight out crazy and that a grown woman loves animals and feels closer to animals more than people.

What can I say? This is how I been since I was a little girl.

I do repeat sometimes but even to give comfort to the tiniest creatures where I see other human beings rescuing even the tiniest creatures I feel as though there are real angels out there and I wish nothing more for those people who do rescue animals, that they get to live a long, long healthy lives because they are the souls that save other souls.


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