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I had Cataract Surgery by Dr.Mathew Kurian.

Updated on May 24, 2013
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A qualified Textile Post Diploma Graduate and Ex.M D of a Textile Mill.

Human Eye a marvel in our system.


My Parents or their Parents had no Cataract.

I underwent cataract surgery 5 days back after a long wait of over 15 years.My cataract was seen by a little girl when she came near me and some how she saw my eyes and told me that there was a dot on my retina of the right eye and I got a shock .The next day I met my doctor and asked him to see what was in my right eye,he looked at it and said I had a cataract and it had started just and would take time to get it operated.I went to a opthamologist and he also told me the same information that the my doctor gave.I asked him what precaution I should takr he gave a chart which was a small graph sheet called " Amsler Grid Eye Exam " and told me to view it daily and report any thing that I might see as shown in sample pictures that gave a warning on what I saw which was a warning to go to a Opthamologist.

Initially I took it seriously and went on seeing it daily and seeing no change I started seeing when ever I felt like seeing. It took 15 years to see that the grid lines had bent slightly and now I had to see the Doctor.In Bangalore where I stay there are Eye Clinics and hospitals where ever you go.The best thing about what I should know about cataract was not about hospitals but what happens after the surgery.Fortunately during this time an old friend of mine with whom I keep in touch with ( he does not bother to keep in touch and never phones ) told me he had his cataract surgery done.I learnt what ever that was to learn from him.The gramophone technology I knew was now laser technology a painless process which does no mistake in surgery with well qualified and experienced doctor who does the surgery.

My fear was an old friend of mine who had lost one of his eye during the period of gramophone technology due to some problem and this fear entered my mind the day I came to know I had cataract in my right eye and the fear of surgery never left my thoughts.

My next move was to find a best hospital and a doctor.Another friend of mine had problem with his wife's eyes and he had told me a good eye clinic and doctor.I phoned to him and told him my problem with the stupid cataract in my right eye and the hospital he had told which was too far from my place of residence.He said not to worry as a best hospital with world class state of the art hospital was very near my house and told me to go and meet his relative who is the eye surgeon there.

I went to the hospital and met Dr.Mathew Kurian who was one of the best surgeons in the hospital.A few minutes of discussions with him and all my fear went away.I took another appointment with him and went again to get admitted to the hospital for surgery.I had with me my dear wife as my attender, we went at 8L30 AM and had all the tests prior to surgery done.The first was eye test after a drop of eye dilation prior to test followed by vision test,pressure test,blood test,scan and retina.All the reports went to a final destination which was the doctor who went through all the test reports took my blood pressure and said I can go to surgery section..

I went there and was allotted a room where they put a drop of some liquid to the eye told me to lie down and rest.After another 30 minutes a nurse came and told me to change to hospital surgery dress.A few minutes later another male nurse came and told me to proceed with him to the operating theater.Here I saw few beds and again I was told to lie down on a bed and again a drop of some liquid was put in my eye and told to close my eye and rest.It took perhaps 20 minutes and I was told to open my eye and proceed to the main operating theater.As I went in it was a semi dark room with wall and ceiling painted with green color.I saw two persons talking in Malayalam language bent over a person perhaps doing cataract surgery.I was told to lie down on a table and they covered my eyes completely and then I could make out they were making a hole in the covered white thick sheet over my right eye.

The doctor now came near me ( I felt as he was talking to his assistant perhaps ) and a powerful light came over my eyes and I knew the surgery had started it took perhaps 15 minutes with some liquid drops splashing few times over my eye when I felt something going in my eye I said 'huh' and doctor told me it was the lens that was put in my eye.It went on few more minutes when every thing covering my eye was removed and a new cooling glass was put on.I could see from my left eye only when the doctor told me everything went perfectly, I told the doctor it was a very great highly NANO skilled fine job and no simple surgery.He said thank you and I came to my room where my wife and my brother-in-law were waiting for me to return from the OT here I asked the nurse that I was not able to see from my operated eye he closed my left eye which was not operated and asked me if I could see his face,I said yes but it was a dark head only.Yes it will be OK soon do not panic he said and went away.Some time later another Nurse came and gave instructions on post surgery care to be followed at home and that the next day I must visit for a check up by the surgeon who operated my cataract.I came home with 3 Eye Drop Bottles which I had put in my operated eye for the next 6 weeks at appointed time daily 10 times per day for prescribed periods with instructions as to how I should avoid any thing that would make my operated eye to get any infection and visit after 7 days for one more check up required importantly.

When I came home I saw everything clearly but not perfectly after closing my non operated left eye I saw from my operated Right Eye everything perfectly but when when I saw from my left eye after closing my right eye it also fine but both the eyes did not synchronize in seeing the TV picture. I was told it was on account of my new eye with man made lens and it would take few days to get synchronize.It did on the 3rd day.

I was now a man with a one eye god lens and one eye with man made lens costing Rs.36,000/-

The new man made Lens replacing God made.


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