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I had Gynecomastia

Updated on March 27, 2014
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A qualified Textile Post Diploma Graduate and Ex.M D of a Textile Mill.

What is Gynecomastia.?

I did bother but could not tell my wife that there is a lump under my nipple in the left breast making me feel uncomfortable but since she sleeps next to me on my left side one day she put her head over my breast and I pulled suddenly myself to my right..She immediately got up and asked me what was wrong.I said nothing and turned to my right.Soon the cat was out of the bag and we both went to see our Doctor.Since he was only a Physician he told us to see a breast surgeon.We soon headed to meet the breast surgeon and he wanted a few tests including a ultra scanning and the picture in the ultra scan showed a lesson of few mm long and wide,the surgeon wanted nothing but a biopsy.I told him to do it.He took me to the minor OT next to his cabin and the sample was drawn.It took 9 days to get the report and it was found 90 % non cancerous. Me and my wife were in deep crisis as our children were far away and to tell them what we had to tell.

I spent 9 sleepless nights but had a report finally that said their was no evidence of malignancy in the tested samples that I was out of danger from cancer by only 90%.

I wanted a report that said the samples were representing 100% of the lump and the surgeon said get the entire lump out of your breast to make it 100% .That needed hospitalization for three or four days and a major breast surgery right below the nipple of the left breast.The surgeon further said during discussion that 3% of men with gynecomastia samples that were tested had showed malignancy. Our Physician had assured us that our sample would show no evidence of malignancy. We had not tested 100 % of the sample.We informed our son our daughter in law was a doctor.My son wanted to know the name given by who so ever gives in the medical profession for such a thing as a lump under your breast nipple.I knew he would research on it over Internet.He told me that it was a common thing in male and the surgery was considered cosmetic and in his place even the health insurgence did not consider it a health hazard and no medical compensation was given.The surgery would be over in 3 hours and the patient would be discharged after the surgery. Since the Biopsy test showed no evidence of malignancy there was no need to worry. However he said that I must not under take surgery till his arrival which was after 3 months.I was under heavy tension with the lump getting bigger and disturbing my sleep even in day with a feeling of tension like stretched rubber under my left breast nipple.I was also worried on the 10 % margin which was 100% stress to me.After 2 more consultations with the surgeon my wife and myself decided to have my surgery with out letting my son and daughter to know about it.

The lump had a name and was called as Gynecomastia and it had to come out from under my nipple in the left breast.I had done my research on the internet and I knew it had come there due to my life style The junk food,the vitamin pills the sleeping pill, the meat I ate and my alcohol tension and stress formed the next part of the episode.

Gynecomastia or Gynaecomastia is the abnormal development of large mammary glands in males both in adolescence and elderly it is a condition associated with disease or metabolic disorders.That was the conclusion on my research.

I got admitted in the multi specialty hospital the entire dead tissue this time taken out was 100% and the biopsy report was also showed no evidence of malignancy a 100% sure test this time.The surgery took 2 + hours and I was in the hospital for 6 days.My wife was my only strength as no one knew of my surgery.She was very brave and for 6 days she was a 24X7 priceless attendant for me.

My left breast nipple is now stretched and looks ugly but the lump is gone and I am free from the deadly dicease.

After Surgery.

I was in the hospital for 6 days and after surgery I was shifted to the ICU ward.All alone I just lay in the bed with my monitoring machine making bleep,bleep sound when I opened my eyes.I wanted to see my wife it was 12:00 MN and my surgery was over 4 hours earlier ( I was informed when I asked the nurse ) my wife had gone to our room and there was no chance of seeing her.I kept glancing on the monitoring machine which was showing my BP - Pulse - Percentage of Oxygen inhaled by my lungs and working of my heart in graphic mode.I could make out everything was normal except my Oxygen intake which was showing 98 %. I asked what does that mean to the nurse. She said it is normal. I asked another nurse to explain what 98 % means and she said my lungs took 98 % of oxygen that was fed to me the 2 % just escaped some where while it was going from the supply. The nurse said you do not kneed oxygen from the machine as your lung function is normal if you want I can remove and if there is any problem the monitor will scream. I told her ask the duty doctor and do it. The duty doctor came disconnected the supply and watched my breathing for over 5 minutes and said fine lets not feed him oxygen.I kept on looking at the monitor till 5:00 AM as I could not sleep even though I was given general anesthesia.I had not taken food for over 24 hours and water for over 15 hours.My tongue was dry,dry and very dry. I asked for water and after taking duty doctors permission they allowed me to sip some water.I asked the nurse give me the glass I need more water to drink but she refused.Later on I came to know that the anesthesia that was given would make everything go slow in starting our normal body function and water might enter the wind pipe instead of food pipe and choke me.I was glad I did not insist for water again and had kept mum.It was 6:00 AM the nurse came and asked me if I had passed urine.I said I wanted to and she gave me bed pan.I had never passed urine sleeping and I could not do it even though I wanted to.I informed the nurse to take me to the Toilet. That was a mistake or something. I could not pass my urine.the nurse than took out the urine through a tube after warming my tummy with hot water bag covered with a cloth.The insertion of the tube had made scratches inside the passage where the urine comes out and it was highly burning irritation when I tried to pass urine.It subsided a little but gave me trouble for over 6 days after surgery. I asked the doctor why was passing urine so important and he said some times there would be problem with kidney functioning after surgery due to anesthesia.It was a welcome sight to see my wife who came the moment we were open for visitors at 8:00 AM and at 9:30 AM that the surgeon who operated visited me and after discussion allowed me to be shifted to my ward.I went to the ward with a blood drainer bag attached to my breast about 3 inches below the nipple.This bag was removed after 3 days but I stayed 3 more days to be fully sure no blood will clot from where the blood was coming out from a hole which they had closed.

At Home.

I came back from the hospital after getting my hospitalization expenses from my insurance company appointed party who sent the check which covered 80% of my hospital bill.The Hospital which was run by one of the leading herbal medicines manufacturing company of India had done all the paper work for getting my medical and surgical expenses.

At home I could sleep well but there was constant fear of the incision getting infected and our bore well water had lot of bacteria.I did not allow any water to get in this place.It healed completely in 6 days.

I had to go after 3 months to show the breast and that was the END.

My writing this hub is to warn those who do not care to adopt a life style that needs our body to take care of us.What ever we do has to be according to Law of Nature.If you voilate this law you wll get the punishment that is what I got for what I did.

Before and After Surgery.

Discomfort before Surgery
Effect after Surgery.
Other side effects.
Gynocomastia of the Left Breast under the left breast nipple.
Contineous streatch at left breast under the nipple with a lump like a young girls breast.
No such problem
Left Nipple looks Ugly
Cannot sleep and fear of the lump getting bigger & bigger.
Streatched Rubber like feeling at the spot where there was surgery.
I am taking Restyl 0.5 mg daily at night.
Cannot wear a T Shirt as the left side protrudes and looks as though there is something under.
Cannot sleep on the left side of the left hand many times.
You can sleep but you wont get sleep soon.

Discomforts after Surgery.

Post Surgery and healing you have a continuous non stop discomfort of stretched feeling at the nipple mostly when you sleep and under go in day any stress in your day life some times and feel tensed.Prior to surgery the doctor never told me of this uneasy and uncomfortable and irritating day to day problem.

When I again met him for a test check up after three months his reply was it will go away after a month but it did not go even after two years.

One more misinformation that I got from the surgeon.was that my nipple will retain in its place,though it did it was looking ugly scar on one side of my breast and I feel shy to be bare chested.

Biopsy sample test for malignancy.

A biopsy is the removal of a sample of tissue or cells so that they can be examined by a pathologist, usually under a microscope. A specialist trained to examine a sample of tissue for signs and extent of disease under a microscope.PATHOLOGY TEST.
A biopsy is the removal of a sample of tissue or cells so that they can be examined by a pathologist, usually under a microscope. A specialist trained to examine a sample of tissue for signs and extent of disease under a microscope.PATHOLOGY TEST. | Source


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