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I know my body and know what I want to achieve while working out.

Updated on September 9, 2014

Working out is not a crime, it is a reward.

Doing my workouts for myself.

You know I know my body. I am getting 6 pack abs for myself. I had them once before.

Now, since I know my body, I know that when I work out I feel a lot better. When guys come at me and say it isn't "sexy" for a women to have 6 pack abs, that's their opinion.

But what few people know, is that I truly know my body.

Yes in my 20's of course my skin had more Elasticity and it was ok to just have a "flat" stomach which I worked on getting a 6 pack.

What people don't always understand, our bodies change as we get older. So in losing weight, sure I got thinner, but even though my stomach was "flat" it still was "flabby" and I realize that I have to "strengthen" my stomach walls and this is the only way to achieve it is to work and get some muscle tone.

Maybe some women my age can have a flat stomach with no flab but for me, I know my body so this is a reason why I am doing it too.I have much to work on to "Tighten" things and my arms seem to be taking alot longer, but is the most slow to show any improvements at all.

I even started doing a type of exercise to flex my neck muscles to lose the fat around my neck, but unless you know your own body I don't know if I can recommend anyone doing this type of thing due to high blood pressure and such but it is what works for me.

My hardest part to work on is my arms, but then again I think that with men and women our body is different and it does seem like more men have more upper body strength and more women have lower body strength.

It is just the way we are built, but it doesn't mean we can't get stronger we just got to work on it.
So for any guy that doesn't think it isn't sexy for a women to get 6 pack abs, I am not sure what to tell you but I am going through a lot of pain and pulling muscles left and right. I pushing myself and it is indeed hard work.

Everyone has their own preference as to what is sexy and I have more own preferences too.
But just because some men prefer women a certain way that is fine, it doesn't bother me, cause I am doing this for myself and I am feeling good and that is the real point of working out.

It is to be healthier and to feel good. So indeed I feel so much better and happy with working out. Plus it does clear my mind and help me to think a lot better. Granted I been doing more mediation and trying to keep up with eating more.

I know the more you work out the more you have to eat. If I am working on a machine like an elliptical and burning off 800 to 1000 calories that means I have to intake way more food.
You can't burn off anything if your food intake is less than what you take in.

If you don't eat more, you can't build up muscles.You have to feed your body so muscles will grow. I guess I will have to look in Protein Powder shakes that I will have to start taking.

Of course since everybody's body is different and have different chemistry, I do know that some foods I can not eat like other people because some foods can actually "hurt" and not help me at all.

So I try to stay away from certain foods.

I did learn, that no matter what anyone says I have to keep dong things for myself and not rely on someone else's seal of approve for doing anything in my life.

I figured anyone that is unhappy with anything I do in my life is just a reflection upon something they can not do themselves and it makes them upset so they get angry because of their insecurities within themselves.

So I keep doing my thing and never mind others.

In fact right now I got to say, working out as increased my happiness because it is something I have always loved doing.

Plus knowing that working out helps to keep me thinking about other things and other improvements I want to do for myself.

Maybe it is the blood flow that is constant and maybe Bruce Lee said something along the line that we are in a constant state of flux, which is true because we here to do things on this earth and not just always be still, unless we are mediating and thinking.

Still I think with getting 6 pack abs I do this for myself to once again, improve my health and I don't need to be validated one way or the other, if someone does or does not like 6 pack abs on women I honestly do not care for you see I haven't stopped yet and keep going back to the fitness center more and more.

I am very lucky and blessed that I am able to go to a fitness center or even just the fact that I can get up every morning and my two capable feet that are able to move me about and just to get from place to place.

Some days I may feel like I may or may not want to go to the center. But once I am there the hardest part was only getting to the fitness center and then I'm all set to workout.

So I do things for myself and I don't need anybody's approval.

I also do know that the simplest solutions is always turning off any electronic device because I live in peace so when I'm out and about or even watching a film I already know that I'm winning in life.


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