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IP6 Inositol - Remarkable Anti Aging Molecule

Updated on June 8, 2011

IP6, - commonly known simply as IP6 (inositol hexaphosphate), also called phytic acid is a rice bran extract that removes excess iron & other metallic minerals from the body. IP6 Inositol is unique as it will only remove excess iron & not iron from within your blood cells as this is protected by hemoglobin. IP6 will also remove excess calcium & other metallic minerals that our bodies have accumulated down through the years. Many will avoid iron rich foods although this is not thought to be safe. Some will use various detox methods & chelation therapy to remove excess iron and minerals from the blood.

Why Is It Important to Remove Excess Iron?

Iron attacks & rusts your organs. As we age, we accumulate more iron than we need, adults accumulate in excess of 1mg of iron every day. We get this excess iron from our foods such as vegetables, meat etc etc. When we are younger we can use up this iron as our bodies are still growing however when we get older, is harder for us to rid our bodies of iron.

Are Your Iron Levels Too High?

This is not good, because excess iron in the body can cause all sorts of problems such as cancer & degenerative brain diseases. Women have a better chance of ridding their bodies of excess iron through menstruation; however men don't have this mechanism so this is the reason why scientists believe that women live on average five years longer than men.

The more iron you have in your body the more havoc it causes; it can also attack the heart & arteries. It does this by creating destructive free radicals which can cause premature aging of our vital organs. Most cancer cells have a higher iron content than normal cells with recent studies showing that leukaemia cells have far more iron than normal cells, some with up to 1000 times more iron.


How To Rid Our Bodies of Excess Iron

The most effective way to remove excess iron from our bodies other than giving blood is a process called chelation. The most powerful iron chelating molecule on the market today has to be IP6 rice bran extract (inositol hexaphosphate).

IP6 is non toxic & has been proven to be safe as it does not harm healthy cells, it does not remove iron from red blood cells, in fact, IP6 is highly selective in that it targets abnormal cells by removing iron from tumor cells only & leaves healthy cells alone. Excess iron levels can also facilitate the growth of unfriendly bacteria. Unless we can control our iron levels, this mineral will encourage the growth of unfriendly bacteria & accelerate aging.

Other Organs Affected by Iron Overload


The liver stores iron & IP6 can play a major role in ridding this organ of excess iron. Also, many people suffer from a condition known as fatty liver; IP6 can be a great remedy for this condition also.


Many parasites thrive in an iron environment. Parasites such as bacterica, yeast etc. Can play havoc on the human body if not kept in check. IP6 can treat & prevent infection within the body.

Heavy Metals

IP6 can also rid the body of other metals such as lead, mercury, copper, cadmium & excess calcium, note that IP6 will not remove calcium from the bones. As IP6 is a selective chelator it will not remove important minerals from the body such as sodium, magnesium or potassium which are vital to the body's normal function. Some People have also started using Japanese Detox Footpads to remove metals also.

Kidney & Gallbladder

Many scientists are now claiming that IP6 can inhibit kidney stones from forming or even dissolve them if already formed. IP6 may also be beneficial in dissolving gall stones.


Many studies say IP6 may in fact have the ability to remove calcium deposits from arteries.

Cure For Hangover

Many people who take IP6 supplements have noticed that after drinking excess alcohol, they wake up the next morning without any side effects.Many report no hangover whatsoever $6 from the night before.


Excess iron can also have all sorts of implications for the brain. Too much loose iron may be responsible for the onset of brain diseases such as Alzheimers & parkinsons as well as many other brain diseases. There are many studies on at present which are using IP6 as an iron chelator to rid the brain of excess iron, some of these results look very promising.


Overall, IP6 rice bran extract is a remarkable molecule that can rid your body of excess iron & other metallic molecules that can cause aging. Imagine what it would be like to have a body free from excess metallic deposits, a body that doesn't age as fast, a body that's free from parasites & degenerative diseases, now you're smart enough to know the solution.As well as using IP6, some people are also using milk thistle extract which has long been known as a way to cleanse the liver.

Too Much Iron In Your Water!


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    • profile image


      2 years ago

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      3 years ago

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    • profile image

      Bill Rhoades 

      5 years ago

      Great Write-up on this Health Wise.

      IP6 should always be taken on an empty stomach for best chelation results.

      Ferritin (blood test) is the best measure of stored iron. It should be kept between 25 and 75 for optimal iron homeostasis and good health.

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      I used IP6 & Inositol after finding out I has pre-cancer, abnormal cells. After a few weeks, the biopsy showed that the cells returned to normal.

      I also ate lots of fruits and vegetables at the time and eliminated meat and dairy.

    • revitawellness profile image


      8 years ago from Mecklenburg

      This was helpful to understand many things. Thanks for info.


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