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How to Test If Your Allergic Reaction Is Emotional or Trauma Driven

Updated on September 6, 2019


First of all, not all reactions to something are indicative of a true allergy to it. With that being said, would that mean you approach clearing it differently? No. But it helps when you are trying to identify allergies to know that because you are having a reaction to something it doesn't mean you have a true allergy to it and could still be able to take something if you cleared out the reaction, especially if it is something your body truly needs to help it be healthier. So, let's look at how to identify what's going on.

In my practice, I start by calming the body so that you get a true test and not just a reactionary one. In my past articles you can learn how to calm the brain, your first step. Give your body about 30 minutes to calm down from that hyper state if you were in fight or flight mode.

Then the next step is to see if you are reversed in your desire to heal. This is also in my other articles and is an easy step to do, but also one that a lot of people miss because of its ease. After doing those two things, now your body and mind are in a calmer state and is ready and desires to heal.


If you already know what your reaction to whatever it is you want to take is, then you can heal that specifically. That would be something like you always get a stomachache every time you take something. Even though you may already know your stomach is reacting to it, it's still always good to test a few other things as well.

Using my "How to test yourself" guide, ask your body some yes or no questions. If you don't feel the pull forward or back and have set yourself already, but before you calmed your mind and reversed yourself, do it again. Sometimes you even have reset yourself if it has been a while since you did it.

Ask yourself these questions (We are using supplements as a base test):

1) Does every system and organ want this supplement? If yes, ask #2. If no, go to #3.

2) How much of this supplement will be used? 100%? 75%? and so on until you get a yes.

3) Is it a system that is not wanting this? If no, you know it is an organ and can ask to make sure if it is an organ that doesn't want it. If yes, go through the systems of the body to find which one is the problem. Always ask after getting a yes if that is the only system or organ that doesn't want it. Sometimes there can be two or three culprits, not just one, and sometimes it can be a system as well as an organ having issues with it. You may need to Google systems and organ lists to go through if you are having issues identifying them.

Once you have identified the offending body part or system, now we have to find out why it's having issues.


You have figured out you are having a reaction to something in a system or organ. Now what?

Now, the detective part begins. Ask the following yes/no questions.

1. Is there an emotion or memory attached to this reaction? If yes, find out which one, emotion or memory, or both, and go to #3. If no, go to question #2.

2. Can I clear this reaction from ____(where it is in the body, if you are getting the brain, always ask if it is in the body too)? If yes, go to the next section. If no, more detective work is warranted.

3. Ask what emotion it is. Use an emotion list and see where you get a yes. There is almost always more than one, so always ask if that's the only one you need to clear out. If it is a memory, ask is the memory from the womb, 0-5 years, 5-10 years, until you get a yes test, then go to the years that had that yes and identify one at a time until you find the year. Then ask if there is an emotion tied to that memory that also needs to be cleared. More often than not there is and you may have already identified it.

When detecting emotions and memories, sometimes your body will intuitively bring that up in your mind. So, as you do the detective work, pay attention to what is in your mind. Does a memory come immediately to mind or an emotion? Then you know that is what needs to be cleared. Be careful, though, and always ask the body if that's the only emotion or memory that needs to be cleared with it. Sometimes there can be two or three tied to the same energy problem.

When doing the detective part, always have a paper and pen handy. When you are clearing, you want to know exacts, so write down ages and emotions. Don't think you will remember everything because you will be trying to remember the process of clearing at the same time and can get confused. Better to just write it down as you test it.


Now we get to finally get to the clearing out phase. This is where you will use your third eye point for your body clearing and the gamut point for the brain. Sometimes you need to clear both areas, so be aware of where it is, specifically.

When tapping each point, make sure you do so with medium firm pressure, and with two fingers just in case you are a little off on the point. Two fingers usually assures you got it on the right spot.

When clearing, remember your sentence structure. Always begin with the wording, "Even though". When clearing, you are making a statement for the mind to process where and what it needs to do, and it needs to be specific. So, start with "Even though I am having a reaction to ___(add in the name of what you are trying to clear and always hold the supplement or if it's powder/liquid just put a tiny bit in your hand while clearing it), and it is living in my ____(Where you tested it is, organs or systems and name each one), with a memory from ___(age of the memory and if it triggers in a distinct memory feel free to elaborate on the memory so the mind identifies with it), I choose to clear this reaction and ask my body to be accepting of this, and allow my body to absorb 100% of the nutrients my body needs and to be healthy once again."

Let's do a specific sentence so you get the idea of what we are trying to do. We are going to use an example of clearing out a stomach being upset when you take a certain supplement, like magnesium for example. Your sentence would be something like this: ""Even though I am having a reaction to this magnesium supplement (hold the supplement in your hand), and it is living in my digestive system but more specifically my stomach with a memory from 5 when my father died and I was feeling lonely and afraid, not accepted by anyone, I choose to clear this reaction and ask my body to be accepting of this, and allow my body to absorb 100% of the nutrients my body needs and to be healthy once again."

Just a note about things to clear. If your body ever says you cannot clear something. Ask if it has a true allergy to it or if you should be taking it. I find that medications will sometimes show up as something your body doesn't want. In that case, don't just go off of it, but ask your doctor if there might be something else you could try where your body doesn't have a reaction to it.

If it has a "true" allergy to something, ask if you can clear it once so you can take it. If it says yes, then you will have to clear it each time you take it for your body to not react. I would then ask if it is something your body needs. Sometimes we get it in our minds that this supplement is something you truly need but your body says otherwise. Sometimes how it is made may have something to do with why your body doesn't want it . I find this specifically with patches or light therapy where an energy wave is used and your body just doesn't like that wave or light associated with it. Pay heed to that as it is usually something you should stay away from at that point.

However, if you are reacting to something, it is not necessarily a problem with the product itself, just how your body adapts to it. Others may respond very well to the same product. Everyone is definitely not the same when it comes to reactions to products.


When doing energy work of any kind keep in mind that this is a reaction unique to you. The energy of products reacts differently to each person and to their memories and emotions. The way a product is made can have an affect on how much of it the body will tolerate. If you are in a hyper state of mind as well, your body may not be able to absorb what it needs and block it from being effective. That's why each step in this is important to do, as your state of being when doing this will affect the ability to clear it out.

I have now given you the information to clear out these reactions. What you do with it is up to you, but always believe in yourself and in your power to heal your body and mind. It's up to you from here on how you take this information and apply it in your life.


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