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If I Were a Rich Man With A Personal Hyperbaric Chamber.

Updated on October 11, 2011

If I were a rich man, I would install a personal hyperbaric chamber in my home and spend a little time inside it everyday. It would be time well spent in terms of enhancing my quality of life and making better use of the rest of my time outside of the personal hyperbaric chamber. This is because of the super-charging effect of oxygen rich blood. However I am not a rich man and indeed the vast majority of the World population could not afford their very own personal hyperbaric chamber. So hyperbaric oxygen therapy remains in the specialist confines of the medical world as an excellent treatment for a whole range of pathologies.

Within my dream personal hyperbaric chamber I could breath pure oxygen at a concentrated pressure. In everyday life we breathe in air, which is only 21% oxygen (78% nitrogen and 1% other gases, mostly argon). Normal atmospheric pressure is left behind inside a personal hyperbaric chamber by pumping oxygen into it like air in a tire. The pressure inside is two or three times greater than outside. Inside my chamber I would probably not feel, but would be aware of, my alveolar oxygen pressure rising and with it my plasma oxygen count. My body and mind performance will be enhanced by all that enriched oxygen tissue delivery.

Wind and strong air movement are the enemies of those brave emergency services struggling to control forest fires, that we see every summer on our TVs. This is because oxygen feeds fire. And similarly oxygen feeds the flame of life and all bodily functions. It is the best of natural drug highs and the government isn't fighting a war against it and so you won't get busted for it.

In medical terms, hyperbaric oxygen therapy has been helping people to recuperate for many years. It is a key component in treatments for problems such as carbon monoxide poisoning and gas gangrene. The concentrated oxygen under pressure lights a fire under the natural healing process of the body and is increasingly being used as a supplementary treatment to normal medical and especially surgical care. It is proven to be particularly effective in case where wounds are healing too slowly and in bone infections and even in injuries cause by radiation exposure. The treatment normally requires a set amount of time in the pressured oxygen, that is dependent upon the desired effect.

Normally the phrase ' personal hyperbaric chamber' does not refer to the ownership of the equipment but rather to the number of people who can use the equipment at any one time. A personal hyperbaric chamber is a one person unit. It is important that the treatment takes place under expert medical supervision and operation. So when your doctor recommends the treatment it becomes a question of getting into the chamber at the appointed time at the nearest facility with the equipment.

Sometimes called 'soft' chamber, a personal hyperbaric chamber is constituted from a urethane outer coat on a nylon-bonded flexible inner, held together by steel joint work. Like a body bag it is entered via a full length zippered opening. The oxygen is supplied via a face mask and the CO2 rich exhalation gases are removed and filtered.


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