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If I could see the world through the eyes of a child

Updated on September 17, 2016

if I could see the world through the eyes of a child

I had this song in my mind almost all the time when I was going blind with my cataracts. I thought if only I could see. We as a developed country; meaning the USA, I had taken my vision for granted. I was under the impression that I ate a healthy diet and didn't go outside and worshipped the sun to get a tan. I was the exact opposite. I hated going outside on a sunny day. I played with my dolls inside. In my house growing up it was quiet and I loved my dolls. I never was mean or hard on my dolls. Still had my dolls when I got married. My Chrissy with the red hair that grew and my Maxie and all her friends.

The song made me think of what children now days see. I saw their playstations. I saw their toys and some I saw the abuse that either Mommy or Daddy gets and sometimes I saw the abuse they would get. I am not saying the abuse goes on in every home; but from the news I could see what the modern children see.

I still hear that song play in my head sometimes and wonder what I am missing since my vision has been renewed with my cataract removal. If I am doing something I put it aside and close my eyes and let my mind drift to the words in the song. Sometimes it takes me to visions of what children in heaven see. They see Jesus and everything of beauty, the flowers, and grass and outside toys like slides and swings and things that children that are now adults used to play on. They see all the dogs and cats and animals that they can play with that wont hurt them.

It is amazing what the simple words to a song will mean. Toys, love, animals and heaven. No this is not a religious piece. Just all the things a person sees that until they think about it they take for granted. I am still learning to never again take for granted what I see. If I see a person in need it touches my heart because I couldn't really see the situation before.


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