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If You Are A Smoker, Read This!

Updated on October 12, 2010


Attention all smokers:::

--Cigarette smokers, not you “tree” huggers.--

I would highly advice you to “roll your own” cigarettes while our government permits it. The new law that passed sometime late last fall is in full effect and its sucks! That little fraise known as “FSC” on your new and improved (*LAUGHING*) cigarettes is not something I would consider safe. It is also known as Fire Safe cigarettes and like I said… No go on the safe factor! If you are still buying you’re Marlboros, you’re Newports, or you’re Virginia Slims… STOP! All cigarettes are now UNSAFE to be smoked if they are purchased as is in a box. I’m in no way saying cigarettes are safe to begin with but they are now worse than ever.

The new cigarettes contain carpenters’ glue. You know that stuff that’s pretty much as strong as super glue yet can be deadly if you sniff it? Yeah. That stuff. Another new ingredient is that nasty stuff found in moth balls! Oh that sounds yummy huh? I can’t imagine what that would be good for.

Health problems anyone? These new cigarettes cause…

Stomach ulcers

Stomach upsets

Sore throat


Metal taste in mouth

Head aches

Dizzy spells

Muscle aches

*hey the list can go on and on…

Get this! They made them “Safe” so they won’t cause “fires” yet the cherry randomly will fall off! You know how many holes are in my carpet from these “Fire Safe” pieces of *&%$ ? I don’t know about you but my common sense is knocking at the door saying ”Let me in!”.

Don’t let anyone tell you that if you roll your own they will taste horrible and won’t do what your favorite brand does. I got news for you… I started getting these kinds of cigarettes and yes at first they taste funny but now if I smoke one of them other toxic hack sticks I will literally vomit!

If those reasons aren’t enough to make you switch, how about the money you will save? I can get three cartons worth of cigarettes for under $65.00! And it would be even cheaper if I didn’t go to a cigarette making shop. If you have your own roller machine you can expect to pay around $10.00 a carton! Nuts, to good to be true, right? WRONG! Do your research. I listed some rolling machines that Amazon offers. You can buy the tobacco from any cigarette shop as well as the filters or papers or if you don’t live by one, shop online!

If you know anyone that smokes please show them this page.

If you smoke…

Well what are you waiting for? Make the switch!


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    • ii3rittles profile image

      ii3rittles 7 years ago

      Thanks papabear318! I know what you mean exactly! I can even breath easier with these ones vs the name brand ones.

    • papabear318 profile image

      papabear318 7 years ago

      if you smoke personal rolled cigarettes you'll find it has a more "natural" taste to them. Up one and very useful article.

    • ii3rittles profile image

      ii3rittles 7 years ago

      No problem! I figgured its worth sharing. Them cigarettes made me very sick. Most people aren't even aware of it.

    • Apostle Jack profile image

      Apostle Jack 7 years ago from Atlanta Ga

      Thanks for the information.