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The one thing you should eat to help minimize or eliminate a woman's monthly period cramps!

Updated on January 3, 2016

What do some women have bad cramps and others less so?

Once a month, almost every woman on the planet has her period. It's usually
several days of being bloated and only we women know the pain of the entire event. Not every woman cramps or not as badly, though. While some women are bent over with pain, others simply go through the process almost unaffected. Why is that?

It's tough to have a period once a month. It's emotionally wearing and physically tiring. Yet, women everywhere are doing it all of the time and only a few women are actually effected on a grand scale (or so it seems). I used to think that it had to do with genes. Maybe some cultures are either tougher or simply have easier periods. Or, I've often thought that maybe some women just didn't notice that their body parts are more or less strangling different parts while letting mass amounts of blood into the common system. (Could this description be more vulgar?)

Are your periods easy, hard or something in between?

How tough are your periods, typically?

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Self-pity is a great solution.

As a woman it's wonderful to think that you're the only one dying once a month on the planet and the rest of the women are luckier. Maybe, it's just something we hold onto thinking that one day when we're close to our deaths, it'll be all over. (How exactly is that something to look forward to?) The point being made is that only when we are almost dead is this thing called our "period" actually over--sobering thought.

So, how does a woman who has a tough period make it easier? The simple solution is diet. Of course, almost every doctor on this planet has likely suggested the same thing. Eat more leafy greens or even more meat or seafood. I've tried both with some success. I have to admit that during that time of the month, I am very drawn to a glass of wine, which is high in iron, and I want to devour anything with protein in it. I'm a vegetarian, so there are many limits to this prospect.

Fresh foods might help.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Iron deficiency is more common in the United States than any other nutritional deficiency and I've always thought that Iron was the one thing I needed to get enough of every month. I'm sure it is, but maybe for other reasons.

The Secret of Minimizing to Eliminating Cramps

The one thing I found that actually helps with menstrual cramps was pointed out in the book "The Omega Plan" by Artemis P. Simopoulos, M.D., and Jo Robinson.

"The painful cramps that some women experience before and during menstruation are linked with an overproduction of an inflammatory agent called prostaglandin E2, or PGE. Fish Oil blocks PGE."

So by eating fish or fish oil or flaxseed oil, which is also high in Omega-3 fatty acids, you might be able to eliminate bad cramps. It really worked for me.

Omega-3 fatty acids

So, the secret to minimizing or even eliminating cramps is to eat fish oil or even flaxseed oil, which are high in Omega-3 fatty acids. The effect is almost immediate.


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    • NikaWest profile imageAUTHOR


      3 years ago from Sunny Florida

      Let's block the overproduction of PGE by eating more omega-3! Yay!


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