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No conspiracy then why are dentists poisoning us?

Updated on February 11, 2013

Dangers of Dentistry

Conspiracy theorists believe there is a population reduction plan being put into practice with the masses being gradually weakened and killed off by several sinister means, one of which being the deliberate poisoning of foods, drink and medicines with a range of dangerous toxins including aspartame and fluoride. As well as conspiracy theorists, those who study politics and social science are also convinced that a "dumbing down" of the people has been taking place and neurotoxins that damage brain function and poisons like fluoride can be one way used to achieve this.

So I ask myself why are dentists commonly still prescribing fluoride toothpastes and mouthwashes, and indeed, why are the shelves of pharmacies filled with dental products containing this harmful element? Why is it increasingly added to public water supplies despite campaigns against this and loads of evidence that it endangers health rather than benefits us?



Used by the Nazis

Fluoride was used by the Nazis for two purposes - to make their victims more easy to control and to cause them to be infertile and sterile. This is all documented.

Most of us have amalgam fillings, or had them if we can afford to have them removed, and many dentists still use this material which contains mercury, which is a very dangerous element. This is not new knowledge that mercury is a danger to health so why was it ever put into our teeth in the first place?

Next we come to antibiotics, and the very term means "against life," and these substances are becoming more and more toxic as I recently found out when I was prescribed Augmentine 875 and refused to take it. I did a bit of research online and found side effects range from diarrhoea, nausea and headaches to insomnia and hyperactivity, depression and anxiety, blood in the stools and jaundice even. It was enough to make me depressed and anxious just thinking about taking that stuff and I read reports by people who have used it saying "never again."

I was given a mouthwash and although I am reluctantly using it , one look at the ingredients was enough to set off alarm bells. Perio Aid has its main ingredient as water but the second substance that there is most of as an ingredient is propylene glycol, which is a form of antifreeze. Then there is Hydrogenated Castor Oil. Google "hydrogenated oils" and you will find them defined as "silent killers." Next, there are the artificial sweeteners Sodium Saccharin and Potassium Acesulfame, and again there is plenty of evidence against these substances as being potentially harmful.

Having argued that I wouldn't take the Augmentine, I asked for a different antibiotic and suggested Metronidazole or Flagyl as it is also known, which I have been given years ago in the UK, however, instead of being given this I was given a prescription for Clamoxyl. The receptionist told me that my new prescription was ready and that it was what I had asked for. It wasn't!

Well, it's not as bad as Augmentine I thought, because it is only the synthetic Penicillin known as Amoxcyllin. Naively I went to the chemist and bought a packet but when I looked at the ingredients I was horrified and realised I am back to square one. Clamoxyl contains Aspartame, a horrible neurotoxin that I have successfully avoided for many years after giving it up long ago when I became convinced it was a poison. I have to live with "floaters" in my sight and that is one of very many dangers to the body that this artificial sweetener can cause.

My son, who is an epileptic, once had 13 fits the same day after he had unwisely used body-building powder containing the toxic muck.Some years ago I lost a good friend, who died from a brain tumour. He used to drink Diet-Coke containing Aspartame because he was diabetic. Brain tumours are one of the most serious dangers from the substance!

I had an exposé report I wrote on the subject of the dangers of Aspartame published in Tenerife News some while back so am hardly likely to want to take a tablet containing it three times a day for a week.

The immediate question that comes to my mind is why is there an artificial sweetener, and a very harmful one at that, in a tablet that you swallow? Why couldn't the Big Pharma company GlaxoSmithKline, who make the stuff, make it without adding that dangerous additive?

If all that wasn't worrying enough there is also the danger, admittedly slight, from cumulative exposure to dental X-rays. I have just had five. If I decide I cannot go on with the new dentist I have and want to go elsewhere they will want to take more X-rays. Sadly I am in a no win situation it appears.

I now have to tell the dentist I am refusing her new prescription too. Some people have told me that it is easy enough to go along and get treated at a dentist but I am finding it anything but. It is more like a battle against someone who is being paid to poison me, and definite evidence, not that I needed any, that we are being poisoned by the pharmaceutical industry that sells it poisons to the doctors, dentists and chemists of the world.

Update: When I went back the dentist said a senior colleague had looked at my X-rays and thought the best course of treatement was for me to have 14 extractions in readiness for dentures. I was also advised that I would need a course of antibiotics before this. I refused the treatment and asked could she descale my teeth instead of all the rest of it and leave it at that. My response did not go down well but eventually this was agreed on and done, although I had to sign a waiver that was drafted confirming that I was refusing the recommended treatment. I have not been back and am battling onward with several loose teeth and one cavity in a back tooth that does cause me problems at times but I would rather this than submit to antibiotic poisoning and multiple extractions.

Update written over a year later (December 2010): I had two teeth extracted and was given painkillers and antibiotics to take for a week but I threw the prescriptions away. It all healed up fine and I have not been back. Yes, I still have some loose teeth and broken ones but I do not get any pain or inflammation so see no need for any treatment. If I had listened to the recommendations I would have had a lot of teeth pulled, been coping with dentures since and would have been given lots more painkillers and antibiotics, plus it would have cost a lot of money! Draw your own conclusions from that!


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