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I'm Living With cerebral palsy

Updated on January 25, 2015

My Life At the Begining

My is Tiffani Davis, I was born on December17,1982.

When I was born I weighted 2pounds & 9Ozs. Then when I was 18moths old, the doctor told my parents that I had cerebral palsy. And that I wouldn't be able to walk. But there was more to it then that. I also had to special preschool, where I had OT threaphy & Physcial theaphy. But I also learned how to read write & my letters too. At the age of 7 I got my first wheelchair, it was purple. Then when I was 10 I learned how to use a computer. I learned to all things that the doctor said I wouldn't be able too.

My schools

I went Elementary School at Chapman Elementary.

I went there all way to 5th grade, I was also chorus class.

Then after I left Elementary school.

I went to Chapman Middle School.

Then In 1999 I started high school at Lee High School.

I graduated in 2002.

What Is Cerebral Palsy?

Cerebral palsy is a term which encompasses a set of neurological conditions that cause physical disability in human development - they affect the brain and nervous system. The word cerebral refers to the area in the brain that is affected, while palsy means complete or partial muscle paralysis, frequently accompanied by loss of sensation and uncontrollable body movements or tremors. Cerebral means related to the brain or cerebrum. Cerebrum is a Latin word meaning "brain; top of the head, skull". In the English language the cerebrum is the anterior (front) portion of the brain consisting of two hemispheres; it is the dominant part of the brain in humans.

My Life Now

Now I'm 29yearold, I'm still here. Im very blessed.

I'm also in a great relationship with a great guy.

We have been togetter for a long time.

My Fav musical artest

I Love Country Music Especially Keith Urban!

I love singing & dancing to his music.

My Favorite Keith Song & Video

My Keith Stuff

I also Love Creating Keith Stuff

My Collage
My Collage | Source


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    • Ky4KeithUrban profile image

      Ky4KeithUrban 5 years ago from Kentucky

      Thanks Bf for explaining what you have..Great song you picked and the college of you growing up..I am going to pin this someone following me may need this to over come things in their life!!Love u Bunches!!