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Important Things You Must Know Before Buying Health Insurance

Updated on March 28, 2012

Insurance is something we all need in our lives. For personal use, we have tons of different insurance such as 36 critical illness plan, life plan and even saving plans (yes some countries do have 2 for 1 package for saving and health care plan!). Have you ever thought of the things you need to consider when buying such premiums?

I used to work for a company selling insurance (for a short period) and the most common thing I have seen is that most people always believe what their insurance agent words. However, are they telling us the truth or some only? This hub is all about things you must know before buying any premiums (to safeguard yourself and your investments) for your own investment and at the same time, saving up more money.

Get an insurance now to safeguard yourself.
Get an insurance now to safeguard yourself.

Ways To Reduce Premium Prices

Young age

If you are young and healthy, then you should consider about life insurance. Buying life insurance at a younger age does not only give you a higher return at the end of the term but also it cost lesser when you are buying it at an older age. It is normal for the price of the premiums to go up along with the age as the older you are, the higher health risk you will experience.

Smoking effects

Simply by smoking, we are increasing the price of the insurance. The fact is clear that when you smoke, you are more likely to be exposing to various cancerous disease and other health problems. Try reducing smoking now and you might just save money on insurance premiums. This is extremely proven, as every insurance form will have a column for smoker or non-smoker.

On time payments

Never ever, pay your insurance bill late. You will have a high chance of losing the premium and the benefits if you pay your monthly payment late. Opt for auto payment via banking to avoid any delay in payments, and at the same time, you can avoid those long queues in the insurance office.

Get yourself insured along with your love ones and properties.
Get yourself insured along with your love ones and properties.

Fact: Insurance is a must for everyone regardless of age or culture.

Don't Forget To...

Start buying when young

Another thing to consider is trying to get a health insurance policy when you are young. Get a longer term and the monthly premium will be definitely cheaper. The fact here is the longer and younger you take up a premium, the cheaper it will be!

Bigger company

Always try to buy premium from bigger companies. Due to competitions, most of the time such companies will offer a better rate and even better protections compared to the smaller ones.

Doctor’s records

Last by yet one of the most important is to make sure your health record is logged properly by the doctor. A simple mistake can cost you a fortune. The best thing is get the report over to your family doctor (if you have not) and get him to check it for you.

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  • nicregi profile image

    Reginald Chan 7 years ago from Malaysia

    Hi healthquote.

    Thank you for your comment. Great addon for the hub!

    Have a great day!

  • HealthQuote profile image

    HealthQuote 7 years ago

    smoking totally raises the health insurance costs now a days every little bit of health should be cherished