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Important Things to Know about Cancer

Updated on March 22, 2016

Cancer is referred to the unrestrained growth of peculiar cells found in the human body. In this disease, the abnormal cells divide and start growing without any control and develop into malignant tumors and attack the close by cells of the body. There are more than two hundred various types of cancers.

There are various known reasons for the possibility of the growth of cancer and this includes the use of tobacco, radiation, some infections, the need of physical exercise and also toxins formed due to the environment. These factors can damage our genes directly or may also be a combination of the present genetic disorders within the cells of the body which causes this disease. Roughly, 5 to 10 percentages of cancers are caused totally due to hereditary.

There are many ways to detect cancer and this includes some specific signs and symptoms, medical imaging and screening tests. Once the cancer cell is detected, it is then further diagnosed through microscopic tests of a sample of a tissue. This disease is generally treated by radiation therapy, chemotherapy and surgery.

The likelihood of surviving cancer depends mostly on the location and type of the cancer and the degree of disease in the body during the beginning of the treatment. Cancer can affect any person during his lifetime. Some types of cancer disease are quite common in children and the risk of this disease becomes higher with increasing age of an individual.

Statistics of Cancer

  • Cancer is the most important cause of death all over the world and is accountable for nearly 7.6 million deaths (approximately thirteen percent of all the deaths) during 2008. Every year, most cancer deaths are caused due to liver, colon, lung, stomach and breast cancer.
  • Approximately, around thirty percent of cancer deaths are because of the five mentioned dietary and behavioral risks. These risks are drinking alcohol, use of tobacco, lack of physical exercise, high body mass index or BMI and low intake of fruits and vegetables.
  • Use of tobacco is the chief risk factor for causing this disease. Cancer causes nearly twenty percent of cancer deaths around the world and seventy one percent of lung cancer deaths globally.
  • Cancer causes some viral infections like HPV and HBV/HCV and this is mainly accountable for nearly twenty percent of cancer deaths among the low and also the middle-income nations of the world.
  • Approximately, seventy percent of all deaths caused in 2008 by this disease have happened in the lower and middle-income people around the world.
  • Cancer deaths are expected to rise continuously worldwide along with an anticipated 13.1 million cancer deaths during 2030.

Know about Cancer

  1. Presently, there are nearly 200 kinds of cancers and this disease can affect any part of the human body.
  2. During 2008, nearly 7.6 million died from this disease and was the cause of nearly thirteen percent of all the deaths globally.
  3. Approximately, seventy percent of all cancer deaths have happened in the lower and middle-income nations.
  4. The five most general kinds of cancer that kill people globally are (in order of occurrence): the lungs, the stomach, the liver, colorectal and the oesophagus.
  5. Globally, the five most common kinds of cancer deaths in women are (in order of occurrence): the breast, the lungs, the stomach, colorectal and the cervical. Cervical cancer is very common kind of cancer found in several countries.
  6. Use of tobacco causes nearly 22% of cancer deaths in the world and is the single biggest avoidable cause of cancer.
  7. One fifths of all types of cancers globally are caused due to a chronic infection, for instance, human papillomavirus (HPV) is the cause of cervical cancer and hepatitis B virus (HBV) produces liver cancer.
  8. Cancers which are of main public health significance like cervical, breast and colorectal cancer could be cured fully if it is discovered at an early stage and then treated effectively.
  9. All the cancer patients who need some relief from pain can be aided if there is some knowledge about controlling pain and palliative care is utilized.
  10. Over 30% of cancer disease can be prevented, most importantly by avoiding tobacco and eating a healthy diet. Also it is important to be physically active and exercise and drink alcohol in moderation. In the developing nations, up to 20% of cancer deaths can be avoided by immunizing against HBV and HPV infections.

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    • dilipchandra12 profile imageAUTHOR

      Dilip Chandra 

      4 years ago from India

      Thank you cygnetbrown for stopping by.

    • cygnetbrown profile image

      Cygnet Brown 

      4 years ago from Springfield, Missouri

      Excellent information concerning cancer. The statistics certainly are disheartening.


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