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Improving communication for success

Updated on May 19, 2013

How to exert productive communication

Some people were born with the gift of simplifying everything, so they can simplify difficult problems, which makes solving them.

Some people develop this capability with discipline, training, exercise and commitment.

If this is your case, you will have to focus always to exercise a kind of communication that is concise and productive.

How To Be A Better Listener At Work

Ways to be a better employee

Never postpone anything - Make a list of all conversations that you need to have with certain professional and find the time to lay out with all these dialogues.

Keep the concentration - Keep clear the purpose of each of the conversations and try not to lose focus. It is a practice that you can train at home and with people close to you, but can serve as a good reference - for example, with your bank manager.

Always try to make a prediction of possible scenarios - Before looking for the person who needs to treat a subject, not just try to put yourself in her place as well as the role it plays.

It is a way of imagining what kinds of objection she can have, and even longer to prevent, exercising and mentally repeating the arguments themselves before the meeting.

Never neglect your judgment and attention - When exposed to any kind of critical moment, listen carefully what is the problem and present ideas and answers in a clear and in an objective way, whenever possible, concise.

Master Anxiety - Never force any situation: Often several short meetings can lead you to your goals in a much more efficient than a conversation or very long exposure.

Avoid Pending - Whenever discuss an issue with someone and this matter involve many topics, write down the items on paper not to run the risk of forgetting any of them.

Be objective - the time to address any topic, an excellent strategy is to start at the end. It sounds paradoxical, but rather to explain why you believe in something, affirm immediately what you want.

Never forget to be kind - especially in the corporate world, it is crucial to remember that, as everyone always love to repeat, time is money - be brief and not in any way mean to be offensive, if you always use education and delicacy.

Use the most of their opportunity criteria - the time to talk to someone or call a person for a meeting is always more delicate than it seems. When in doubt, it never hurt to ask: 'This is a good time for us to talk about that project?' Treat the discussion, the topic or conversation with your colleagues as if they were talking on cell phone - be clear and always ask if the person with whom you want to talk can talk.

Always try to improve - After each conversation, analyze how things went, ask yourself if you really got what you wanted and imagine what you would do differently next time - that everything be solved better or more quickly or simply.

Your personal and professional success depends only on you!

Be Better At Work


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