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How to increase memory - Natural Ways to Stimulate your Brain

Updated on October 18, 2009

Memory and Concentration

Improving your memory and concentration has an amazing amount of benefits for our daily life, schooling and work life. For some improving my memory was just about being healthy getting enough sleep and a lot of repetition was the key. People really do underestimate the need to fuel your body and brain at breakfast to get everything working and get that blood flow back into your brain.

A good rule is when you attend a lecture,seminar or meeting is to make sure that within the 24 hours after you look over those notes from the last lecture/seminar at least once to help improve your memory and your knowledge.

Another great resource I have found is those flash memory games you find everywhere online start playing some of these games and using your memory and remembering things.And of course brain training on the DS seems to help people get there brains in the right place.

Memorizing Big Amount of Information

Trying to memorize big chunks of information can be a difficult task and its easier to forget something your read 2 minutes ago when you know your going to have to read 600 pages. A great tool I like to use it Yakitome. Simply paste your text in and it will read it out to. put the file on your ipod or cd player and listen to it instead of straining your eyes.

Yakitome Text to speech -

Or you could try windows text to speech or the many other applications on the internet, and for the more adventurous you could record yourself reading the notes and have them read back to you using Dragon natural speak or similar program.

Understanding & Remebering

When it comes to remembering and improving your memory of course understanding the material is going to help you in abosrbing the information whereas simply trying to memorize facts without understanding why can leave trying to process large amount of data just like a computer.

Once you understand the material the act of speaking and talking or teaching others about it can cement the idea in your mind ,it really helps to hear yourself explaining something to further your understanding.

Internet Tools to Increase help increase Memory

The internet is an amazing resource for almost anything and you can use it to help you remember and learn in the way that best suits you some idea are.

- Listen to lectures online (Youtube has a large variety different topics)

- Google Books is a great resource to preview books for valuable information without buying

- Internet Ebooks

- Yakitome and text to speech converter's so you don't have to read jus listen

- Forums & Online communities for help and support

the ginkgo leaf, gingko trees also have berries but i hear they are not so tasty
the ginkgo leaf, gingko trees also have berries but i hear they are not so tasty
glorious fish oils
glorious fish oils

There are many supplements for improving memory and concentration , two popular ones are

- Fish Oil

- Ginkgo Biloba

Both of these products work in the same way pretty much the job of these supplements is to increase the blood flow to the brain and thus improving its working function and thereby improving your memory.

I am always taking fish oil and have not noticed much from it, apart from healthier skin but you hear a lot of stories of young kids performing a lot better when taking omega 3 supplements and some of the statistics look impossible to overlook.

It also seems to lessen that hyperactive crazy behavior young kids go through which is a bonus for any parents pulling there hair out. My young cousin refers to them as her brain pills and takes them everyday also in a chewable form but enough of that.

Ginkgo Biloba is a herb from the Japanese ginkgo tree and its often made of dried leaves and bark inside a gelatin capsule. I currently only take Ginkgo biloba when I need it the most before an exam or when I really need to remember something and to be honest I do feel the difference but it may be the placebo effect but I highly doubt it as I go on a off it and I do notice the difference.

Ginkgo biloba is also used on people with Alzheimer’s and can really help before severe Alzheimer’s has set in , wish I knew this when my grandpa was going through this :( . Anyway ginkgo will increase the blood flow in your body and to your lower extremities; better blood flow means better working organs and brain. Blueberries are also taken by people trying to avoid alzheimers so it would be interesting to see its effect on memory.


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    • Lyn.Stewart profile image

      Lyn.Stewart 6 years ago from Auckland, New Zealand

      Thanks for this info love that you have given a programe that I can use to listen to the info ... this means I can d/l the voice recording to a cd and play it in the car. ... Great ideas.

    • expectus profile image

      expectus 8 years ago from Land Downunder

      your welcome:)

    • profile image

      Ronie 8 years ago

      Thank your suggestions are great! I will try them.