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In "Dyer" Need of Help?

Updated on September 15, 2015

My First Encounter with Dr. Wayne Dyer

I was a young college student, just beginning my studies in Psychology when I first discovered Dr. Wayne Dyer. My father had given me his copy of the book, "You'll See It When You Believe It", a Self-Help book Wayne Dyer had written in 1989. In early 1990, I am a budding young psychology major with a propensity towards writing, and this is when I first encounter an abundantly expressive language for how potent and powerful our thoughts can be!

Wayne wrote about using the power of his thoughts to visualize the most favorable outcome for having his book published, and simply refused to accept "no" for an answer. He was tenacious and never gave up hope no matter how many publishers rejected him or people told him it that "maybe it was time to hang it up". He emphasized that he simply chose to believe that the book will published and then acted on that thought. He met with an endless stream of publishers and other influencial figures and was awarded his greatest opportunity after spending hours on the road distributing copies of the book from the trunk of his car! I am beyond impressed and inspired!


My Second Encounter With Wayne Dyer

Perhaps a year or two after devouring his first 3 books, I learned that Dr. Wayne Dyer himself would be giving a seminar in a town just a few hours away from me. I registered for the event and took my dad's copy of "You'll See It When You Believe It" with me. After the workshop ended, Wayne announced that he would be conducting a book signing for those who wanted to stay.

I eagerly joined the masses and as I stood in line, I rehearsed the words I would say to him when I it was my turn. Much to my surprise, Dr. Dyer turned to me, his eyes and face were beaming as he exclaimed, "Hi there, beautiful!" and reached out and hugged me! Mind you, he did not do this to anyone else the entire time I was standing there! I was stunned. I forgot everything I was going to say and just stood there, trembling and dumbfounded. He asked me if I'd like him to sign my book, now dangling by my fingertips at my side. Still stunned, I managed to utter "uh-huh" and hand over the book. Dr. Dyer doesn't skip a beat and asks, "What's your name, dear?". I manage to say my name and Wayne looks up from his pen intently, repeated my name and added, "That's C-A-R-Y-N, right?" All I could do was nod my head in the affirmative. No words ever escaped my mouth. He smiled and hugged me again before I turned to leave, forever changed.

Now whether or not you believe in miracles, psychic abilities or other mystical experiences, one must admit that Dr. Dyer took a leap of faith at guessing this unpopular spelling of the name Caryn (Karen, Karin, Caren, Karyn). I was no doubt elated that my idol "guessed" this unique detail about me. I felt as though he was in tune with a source that held knowledge beyond words and the body. His smile and warmth confirmed it for me.

Excerpt from "You'll See It When You Believe It", Dr. Wayne Dyer speaking


Other "Dyer" News

Over the past 2 decades, Wayne Dyer evolved into one of the most prolific writers of the Self-Help, Spirituality genres. He helped to mainstream concepts and terms such as Intention, Manifestation, Higher Consciousness, and Fulfillment to general audiences around the globe with his down to earth style and warm nature. When I learned that he passed away from what was originally thought to be a known diagnosis of Leukemia, I recalled how he had talked very publicly about his intention to heal his body to the extent that he could and always proclaimed the universe's perfect design, and how we have a choice when deciding how to cope no matter what the outer circumstances! On August 30th, 2015, the world lost a great writer, teacher and Spiritual advisor. His family posted that he died peacefully in his sleep and that there were no traces of cancer found in his body.

From very humble beginnings, Wayne literally uplifted himself and millions of followers world wide with his teachings and messages of divine love and hope. As a humbled devotee, I purchased his memoirs, that were just being set for release when he passed. In this final manuscript, entitled, "I Can See Clearly Now", Wayne discloses about many of the influential beings and experiences throughout his life that guided him to do the work he felt he was meant to do. I learned of the extraordinary blessed life of a man who was truly destined to become what he was so richly known and loved for, and now that he has merged again with the the stars, I will affirm that Wayne Dyer IS a writer, a teacher and an inspiration!


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    • Caryn Bickel profile image

      Caryn Bickel 2 years ago from Los Angeles

      I'm so glad I've found kindered spirits here! I definitely think so too!

    • checkyourvibe profile image

      Cathy Slaght 2 years ago from St. Petersburg, Fl

      Wayne Dyer was truly an inspiration- thanks for this article-