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The Orlando Shooting: Remembering all that was Lost.

Updated on June 16, 2016

Omar Mateen, the Orlando shooter


Who was Omar Mateen?

Omar Mateen was a man who was born in New York to two Afghan parents. Mateen was bullied in high school and cheered during the 9/11 attack on the twin towers. He earned a science degree in criminal justice in 2006. Mateen was investigated by FBI in both 2013 and 2014. Later found out to be an in the closet homosexual, he was also the age of 30 when the shooting took place.

Remembering Those who Lost Their Lives.

Edward Sotomayor Jr- 34 years old. Known as a sweetheart and easily made new friends.

Stanley Almodovar- 23 years old. Pharmacy technician. Loved his family and the feeling was mutual.

Akira Monet Murray- 18 years old. Was visiting her brother right after graduating. Superstar basketball player who scored over 1000 points in high school career.

Luis Omar Ocasio-Capo- 20 years old. Dancer and barista.

Luis S Velma-Worked at Universal Orlando where he had devoted fans. One of those mourning his death was author of the Harry Potter book series, J.K Rowling.

Juan Ramon Guerrero- 22 years old. Telemarketer for the University of Central Florida.

Christopher Andrew Lennon- 32 years old. Juan Guerrero's boyfriend. He was known as "Drew" and established the gay-straight alliance in high school.

Eric Ortiz-Rivera- 36 years old. Moved to Florida from Puerto Rico to start a better life. Rarely went out but decided to decided to attend a friend's housewarming party at the nightclub early Sunday.

Peter O. Gonzales Cruz- 22 years old. Worked at a UPS store and was known for memorizing the names of regulars, according to regulars.

Kimberly Morris- 37 years old. Bouncer at Pulse nightclub. Enjoyed mms fighting and basketball.

Eddie Jamoldroy Justice- 30 years old. Accountant. Texted mother "mommy I love you.'' Then "In the club they shooting.'' before being killed.

Enrique Rios- 25 years old. Known as an angel to most people who knew him. Also described as ''funny'' and a ''really cool dude.''

Anthony Luis Laurent Disla- 25 years old. Born in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Known as "amazing person" and a talented dancer.

Jonathon Antonio Camuy Vega- 24 years old. Worked in audience management on the set of La Voz Kids.

Yilmary Rodríguez Solivan- 24 years old. Was friends with Jonathon Antonio Camuy Vega. Was at the nightclub with Vega and William Sabad Borges. Borges was the only one of the trio to survive.

Cory James Connell- 21 years old. Was leaving Pulse nightclub with his girlfriend when shooting occurred. His girlfriend survived the attack, but Connell was not as fortunate.

Mercedez Marisol Flores- 26 years old. César Flores is heartbroken about his daughters death. Even so, said that he'd forgive the gunman.

Deonoka Deidra Drayton- 32 years old. Bartender at Pulse. Family called her ''Dee Dee.''

Mogul Angel Honorato- 30 years old. Managed a Mexican restaurant in Sanford Florida.

Jason Benjamin Josaphat- 19 years old. Student at Southern Technical College in Orlando. Known as a sweet kid with a bright future ahead of him.

Darryl Roman Burt II- 29 years old. Employee on the Jacksonville campus of Keiser University. Highly respected member of KU team.

Jean Carlos Mendez Pérez and Daniel Wilson-Leon- Méndez, age 35. Best salesman at his company. One customer he charmed was Leon, 37. Leon and Mendez became long time partners.

Information gathered from Fox News website.

Those who Lost Their Lives


Why They need to be Remembered

The list that you may or may not have read are less than half of the people who were killed during the shooting. With each individual name on the list of now deceased, there was a family, there were friends, there was a personality, and most of all, there was a person taken from this world too soon. The lives of 49 individuals were taken do to one selfish man's agenda. The worst terrorist attack since 9/11, we must remember each and every one of these people who never got see their family one last time to say goodbye. We must remember these men and women for who they were. We must remember these men and women for the kindness that they bestowed onto others. Lastly, we must remember these men and women for what could have been, and for the dreams that have passed on with them because of this tragedy.


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