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Incredible Story Using OPC-3

Updated on January 26, 2010


Testimony of Scott Rosenberry

I was 18 years old when I was introduced to the life of drugs and alcohol, which led to having problems keeping a relationship. I went to rehab at the age of 21, had stayed off drugs for seventeen months, but still drank. One night I had a horrible relapse, which made my addiction to drugs a priority, then I had a daily habit of cocaine and crack for a many years. In June of 2005, I broke another relationship. So I realized it was time to get clean and sober for my own benefit. I had six months clean, when was involved in a motorcycle/tractor trailer accident. I spent a few days in the hospital, and came home with a perscription for 20 mg. Oxycotin, due to multiple injuries sustained in the accident, I still was in intense pain. They also had me on 10 mg. Percocet for the pain. I made a bad decision, while under the influence of the pain killers, I called an old drug dealer and asked what would kill the pain, because the Oxycotin wasn't working. He suggested I chop them up and snort them, so I did, but they made me sleepy. I wanted to have that high feeling but ease my pain, so I called him back and asked for something stronger so he gave me some crack. I was using crack on a daily basis after that and nothing else matter to me. The addiction to crack lasted till February 6, 2006. I entered rehab once again. Spent 21 days in rehab and relapsed once again. I thought that since I wasn't doing drugs, I was still able to drink, unknowingly that alcohol is an addictive drug.

When I met a wonderful, intelligent, loving woman, who in turn offered to help me get over my addiction. I was clean for one and half years. I ran into some friends that said they were clean, but they weren't totally clean. I ended up lying to my girlfriend, after getting high with them. I kept visiting my so called friends, and lying to everyone when I was there, to try to cover up my addiction, but my girfriend saw through me like a window. I was still in pain, but didn't want to lose the love of my life, and didn't want to dissapoint my family and have them know that I relapsed again. Feeling severely depressed from the pain and meds I was taking, I went and got a 22 rifle from the gun case which was loaded with hollow-point bullets, stuck the barrell under my chin, and pulled the trigger. Only by the grace of God, I am still alive to tell this story.

The bullet went up through my mouth and stopped 1/2 inch from my brain. I was flown to Hershey Trauma Center in Hershey PA. Spent five days in trauma center, and six days in mental evaluation ward. I was then put on 30 mg. of Prozac daily for my depression and still taking my pain meds. The love of my life stayed by my side and we built our relationship back to where it was before I relapsed. We started making wooden signs for businesses and friends, which help our bond to be made stronger. We went to a local motorcycle rally event in August of 2009, and set up our signs for display and to take orders. While I was showing one of our signs, my pills jingled in my pocket. The customer asked what meds I was taking. She asked if I would be interested in checking out some all natural health and nutrition products. After that weekend, I followed up with that customer and ordered a bottle of OPC3 from her. When she delivered the product, she mixed me six doses of OPC3, knowing that I was in pain all the time. I started feeling something where my aches and pains were, and within 10 minutes my pain did subside. After being on OPC3 for two months, I wanted to know how I could get my OPC3 at a lower price, since I was on disability and could not afford any other out of pocket costs. Since I have been taking OPC3 daily I am able to decrease pain meds and I am competely off depression meds. I called her and set an appointment to see how Market America would be able to benefit me and my future, since I was able to cancel multiple surgeries, (carpal tunnel, burning of nerves in back, bracheal plexis pain block) due to the OPC3 healing properties. I signed as a Master Unfranchise Owner in October 2009, and with the guidance of my senior business partners I will be able to stay clean and sober using the health and nutrition products and following the business plan to secure my financial success.


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