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Indian way to protect your heart

Updated on April 13, 2011

Heart Disorders: Prevention & Cure

Compared to the people all over the world, India has the highest number of people dying from heart disorders. According to a recent survey, every 25th person in India is afflicted with some kind of heart-disorder. Heart is the home to the mind, consciousness and ojas, apart from being a vital organ of the body. It works right round the clock. It is instrumental in transporting as many as 300 litres of blood all over the body within an hour. A couple of small coronary arteries are responsible for supplying blood to the heart. In case of some obstruction or blockage therein, the supply of blood to the heart muscles is hampered causing serious damages to them; whereupon the heart fails to work properly enough. Such dysfunction of the heart causes serious disorders like weakness of the heart, a sharp pain therein, heart-blockage, heart attack, etc. This fast spreading disease has the faulty lifestyle of the modern age as its main cause.

Consumption of heavy food items, lack of physical labour, mental tension, smoking, use of intoxicants and drugs, overexertion, strife, jealousy –all these are the prime causes of heart-disorders.

Easy and experiential cures of heart-disorders:

(1) Lauki or bottle gourd is beneficial for the heart. It is also an efficient pacifier of Kapha and Pitta, besides being a good aphrodisiac. Take a small bowl of bottle-gourd extract and add the extract of 7-8 leaves of tulsi and mint thereto. Then drink the potion after mixing therewith the powder of 2-4 black pepper seeds and a pinch of rock salt. This strengthens the heart and also alleviates the stomach-disorders.

(2) Mix extracts of lemon, garlic and ginger with apple-syrup –all taken in equal proportions. Then let the mixture boil on a low flame until it is reduced to its quarter, when it has to be removed from over the oven. As it cools down, add honey three times its quantity and keep it in a glass container. Take two spoonfuls of this mixture every morning on an empty stomach. This helps clear up the heart-blockage.

(3) In the absence of the apple-syrup, one can mix the extracts of betel leaf, garlic, ginger with honey –one teaspoonful each, and take the same. This too helps cleanse the blood vessels. In case one can’t bear the innate heat of garlic, it has to be soaked in sour buttermilk overnight before use.

(4) Grind the equal amounts of flour of Urad (pulse), butter, castor oil and pure guggal into a mixture. After taking your bath in the morning, smear this mixture gently on the portion of the chest just above the heart. Wash it off with warm water after two hours. This facilitates smooth flow of blood through the arteries.

(5) Boil a small bowl of milk mixed with one gram of cinnamon powder and drink it. In case the innate heat of cinnamon doesn’t suit you, add one gram of the powder of licorice to it. This reduces excess cholesterol.

(6) Add a concoction prepared from garlic, currants, mint and green coriander to your daily meals. Consume the powder, juice, concoction, jam, etc. made from Indian gooseberry (Amla) regularly.

(7) Among therapeutic medicines -Svarna Malati, Jawaharmohra Pishty, Sabarshringa Bhasma, Arjun Chhal powder, Dashmool Quath, etc. are quite competent to eradicate the heart-disorders.

Cardiac Tonics:

Milk and ghee of Indian cow, Indian gooseberry(Amla), pomegranate, Bijaura Nimbu(a citrus fruit), lemon, garlic, ginger, dry ginger, mango, gooseberry, plums(jujube), Kokam, dates, sugarcane, wheat, saffron, coconut-water and Ganga-water are especially beneficial to heart.

Practices like going for a 2-3 kilometre walk in the pre-dawn hours, pranayama, meditation, suryanamaskara, asanas(vajrasana, pavanamuktasana, Shalabhasana, Mayurasana, Sarvangasana, Shavasana, etc.) are beneficial too. Touching the holy fig tree (pipal), and sitting under it does help.

A gold ring worn on the small finger does provide strength to the heart. Pay special attention to keep the stomach healthfully light, primarily by avoiding flatulence and constipation. Take the powder of either Triphala or the small variety of Harad (Chebulic Myrobalan) before going to bed. Observe fast once a week. Totally refrain from sleeping during the day, keeping awake during the night and taking the dinner late in the night. Keep your mind calm, carefree and cheerful.


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