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Infographic: A Look at Eye Injuries in the Workplace

Updated on December 3, 2012

Here are surprising facts which you should know about eye injuries that often occur in the workplace. At the foot of this report, you will find an infographic which you can share and send to friends.

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Source of facts: The Vision Council of America

There are 800,000 work-related eye injuries recorded every year.

Over 2,000 workers in the US receive medical aide, daily, for eye injuries sustained on the job.

More men fall victim to eye-related injuries at work than women.

70% of eye injuries are caused by exposure to heavy equipment and objects.

26% of eye injuries are due to exposure to harmful substances at work.

Every year, a recorded 15,000 eye-related injuries are due to welding accidents and 10,000 injuries are due to accidents with a power tool.

Around $300 million in total are lost every year due to compensation and medical bills for eye related injuries.

There are 4 known causes of work-related eye injuries:

  1. Chemical splashes and fume exposure
  2. Exposure to UV light, visible light, heat or infrared/laser
  3. Debris and particle projectiles
  4. Exposure to pathogens and bodily fluids in medical-related fields

Since 2008, victims of eye injuries at work have missed 27,000 work days.

Surprisingly enough, only 10% of these eye injuries are considered fatal and 90% are deemed highly preventable.

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  • Scratch- and glare-resistant
  • Must be lightweight and less likely to fog

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Right-click and hit save to download this free infographic!
Right-click and hit save to download this free infographic!


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