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Benefits of Rosehip Tea

Updated on November 11, 2016

Rosehip Has Lots of Vitamin C

Drinking Rosehip tea for your health is a good idea, especially during the dreaded flu and cold season!

I recently visited an herb shop for the first time in my life while on vacation visiting my grandparents in Florida. My grandfather has been a longtime proponent of using herbal remedies (in conjuction with the wonders of modern science) to give his health a boost... So it was a nice experience going to an herb shop and getting to learn a bit more about my grandfather's lifelong health hobby. And a hobby focusing on health is probably one of the best ones you can have, in my opinion.

While there, the elderly herbalist who ran the shop offered all of us a cup of tea. It was a mix of different herbs, and it was delicious. The number one herb in the tea that peaked my interest, however, was rosehip. It peaked my interest for one important reasosn: Rosehip is a source of Vitamin C.

Often when I am getting to be a bit under the weather, I try to stock up on Vitamin C. This usually means taking in inordinate amounts of Orange Juice and other fruits and fruit juices, all are very much high in sugar content and probably, when I'm sick and trying to take in so much Vitamin C, is not the healthiest way to combat the cold.

I am not an expert on the science/biology of Rosehip tea. I will tell you that I was able to buy it at my local grocery store chain, in the health section. It doesn't taste sweet, but a little tangy or spicy and I found it to be quite good. I let the tea bag steep in the water for a while, so that a good amount of the rosehip mixes with the water for the maximum health benefits. I'll tell you that it's a pretty easy way to take in a whole bunch of nutrition.

And I'll give you some good links that go into Rosehip tea further, with information on rosehip recipes and how to make rosehip tea:

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(they also have links to information on lots of other teas here)

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Growing and Harvesting Rosehip

Information about the health benefits of Rosehip, as well as a recipe for making homemade rosehip tea and rosehip marmelade.

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