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Informed Parental Consent - Is It Necessary For Childhood Vaccines?

Updated on April 11, 2012

I was recently browsing my facebook newsreel when I came across a natural news article that discussed the issue of children being vaccinated without parental consent. Now, that particular article was clearly written to be shocking, and that was clear from the first paragraph that I read. Though it did link to some less dramatic and more fact filled information that I followed. I found many articles about parents taking up arms in several states and cities, about issues surrounding vaccines and parental consent.

Now, I don't know about you, but I feel very strongly about my health and wellness values. I'm not a strong believer in most modern vaccines and their methods of consumption. I'm not alone either, as the rate of children being vaccinated is dropping dramatically, and coincidentally, the propaganda to vaccine children has been on the rise. And I don't feel that parents around the nation are simply catching onto a fad after the dramatic bs that was pulled with the Swine Flu vaccine. I think what has happened is that incidents like H1N1, Gardisil and recent Chicken Pox vaccines, have brought it to the forefront of parents minds - that they should be aware of what doctors are injecting into their kids. For a long time, most parents simply trusted anything that their pediatricians suggested for them to do for or give to their children, and for a long time there really didn't seem to be much wrong, that anyone was aware of. Though with the rising rates of spectrum disorders, allergies, hormone, immune system and behavioral problems coinciding with the rising rate of the number of vaccines that children are expected to get, it's no wonder that everyone is stepping up and making the hard decisions.

Which option most closely resembles your opinion of vaccines?

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Should anyone be allowed to vaccinate your child without your consent?

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Do you feel tweens are mature and informed enough to make their own decisions about receiving vaccinations without their parents?

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Would you allow your child or children to be vaccinated through a school nurse or other school staff member?

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What State do you live in?

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12 Year Olds Can Get the HPV Vaccine WITHOUT Parental Consent?

That's right, if you live in California, you can thank Gov. Jerry Brown for signing a bill in 2011 that allows anyone 12 years and older to get an injection of the new HPV vaccine. Gov Brown to plenty of well deserved heat and hatred from Californian parents who didn't seem to understand why their states highest official would allow the states tweens to receive such a dangerous vaccine without the knowledge and consent of their parents.

HPV has been well documented as causing multiple and common side effects in tweens and teenagers, especially with the girls. Without irony, even the CDC doesn't recommend either of the only two HPV vaccines provided by GlasoSmithKlien and MERCK for anyone under the age of 26. Though doctors and schools everywhere are for some reason supporting campaigns by the pharmaceutical companies, to vaccinate children as young as 9 years old with the vaccine, which they claim is completely safe.

Of course, the same corps claiming their HPV vaccines are safe, are also denying any link between their vaccine and the sudden and unexplained deaths of more than 44 women and YOUNG girls. They are also denying the apparent link between the vaccination of HPV vaccines and then the strange and sudden onset of Gullian-Barre syndrome. What they are not denying, but fail to inform nearly all parents - is that both HPV vaccines are well known to cause severe blood clotting, muscle tremors and fainting.

To make matters worse, recent research is showing that most girls and women who get positive results for having HPV, will have naturally rid their bodies of it after 4 menstrual cycles, effectively rendering any use that may have come from the vaccine - useless. It's as bad as all the breast tumor removals that take place throughout the country, when the best research says that our womanly bodies usually get rid of most small tumors on their own.

So now Gov Brown and his posse feel that children 12 and older should be allowed to get the vaccine without parental consent. They would receive the option to get the vaccines injected by school or other health officials, and not only would their parents have no say, they also would purposely not be made aware that their children had even received any vaccines. And it's not just the HPV vaccine, he's also granted the same parentally-void permission for any STD aimed vaccines prescribed by the state, including several Hepatitis shots.

Many parents have created an uproar, because not only are most 12 year olds not mature enough to make an educated decision about whether or not the vaccines are safe or have more benefits than abstinence and other methods of disease prevention, but most 12 year olds have absolutely no idea what their medical history is, nor if they have any specific allergies. I don't know about you, but this situation doesn't seem to have any positive benefits that I can find.

Vaccines @ School?

I don't know about you, but when I was going to school, the one thing that would've made the whole thing even worse then it was - would be getting jabbed by the grumpy school nurse with vaccines. Aside from the pain and anxiety, vaccines have always made me sick after getting them, and that wouldn't have made the day any better either. Not to mention, can you imagine what would happen if some kid were to have a bad reaction to a vaccine they're parents and the school weren't aware they were allergic too? That would not only be a potentially deadly situation for the student in question, surrounded only by pharmaceutical nurses who are not likely to be trained in handling dangerously adverse vaccine side effects, but it would be extremely traumatizing to the rest of the student body, who would be there to witness what happened.

These are just a few of the scenario's I can imagine happening, which don't even include many of the unanswered hypothesis's floating around about the issues of slow poisoning through vaccines, or any of the mental and physical issues climbing in schools already (like spectrum disorders), which have been linked to multiple vaccines.

Even with all this in mind, it appears that school officials in Denver have decided that it's worth the risks to jab their students with various vaccines that their parents might otherwise avoid, through vaccine clinics that are now being built into schools. They've started with middle schools and already have plans to move on to elementary and high schools. The big one's on their lists are the HPV, ,meningitis, influenza and chicken pox vaccines. Now, aside from the dangers of infection and side effects that your children would be exposed to, there is also the issue of allowing pharmaceutical companies to get their greasy paws all over our school systems. We already have a hard enough time keeping the soda, candy and street drugs out of school, this will be another too large problem to deal with, that school staff are being trained to enforce.

On top of all this, there is no plan of action to prevent new and far from thoroughly tested vaccines from entering the playground, and they have not yet made it clear whether or not they will even inform parents of when their children have been vaccinated. The only good thing is that they are requiring a signed parental consent form from parents who will allow their children to receive medical care at school, though who knows how long that provision will stay in place with more and more parents refusing to sign.

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Did you know that you can exempt your child from vaccinations for philosophical or reglious reasons?

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Forced School Vaccinations in British Columbia

Our neighbors to the north are having just as many problems according to this testimonial posted in 2008, where a mother desperately tried to get some help on the issue of her son being vaccinated after she had specifically signed a refusal for school-based vaccinations.

"I’ve just had a rather unsettling occurrence as you see by my subject line. Despite the fact that I signed the refusal NOT the consent, they have given him the tetanus vaccine. My fear is that not only was it not just a tetanus vaccine but actually the combination vaccine DTaP. I’m furious that this has occurred despite my wishes being otherwise."

The publication goes on to explain how "mature minor" laws are being passed all over Canada (just like here in the US), which are granting children 12 and older the right to receive various forms of medical care, specifically focusing on vaccinations. They are able to pull this kind of drama by focusing on the younger ages at which children are becoming sexually active, and suggesting that children who stumble into sexual experimentation should have the option of caring for themselves instead of talking to their parents. Granted, I'm sure there are a very limited number of situations where this sort of thing might be useful, in the case of extremely neglectful or abusive parents who've raised troubled pre-teens, though with 90% of parents being decent, caring people who want nothing but the best for their kids, I very much doubt this sort of legislation is going to do as much good as it does harm.

No School for New York kids with HPV vaccinations

New York dug themselves into a deep pile in 2010 when they to joined the bandwagon, but took things a step further by removing the option to exempt children from the vaccinations and opening up the option for children to accept the vaccines through the schools if they wanted to continue to attend school with their friends.

Basically, in New York - No HPV Vaccine = No Public Education.

Do you ever wonder?

With all these strange and scary events taking place all over the world, I begin to wonder if my state or my city might be next. Or how soon until someone bribes the federal government to pass some form of sweeping legislation for vaccinating kids without parental consent.


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